BLACK MARKET KILLSWITCH PROMO from Nick Brandreth on Vimeo.


The 2010 Black Market Killswitch Promo Video Online Today

And Production Sample In Hand.

There's almost nothing better than when you’re expecting something new and exciting to show-up. Today just happened to be one of those days and the waiting is over!!!! We just received the first production sample of our most ambitious project to date...

So, without further adieu... I give you the Black Market Killswitch exactly as you will see it in approximately 40 days... that's right, 40 days!!!

The Killswitch.

Thought out touches like cable routing, replaceable threaded inserts or nuts at every bolt location and a replaceable BB shell combine to make this, one bad mutha...

The Hammer-Link is the epicenter of our suspension technology providing 100mm of extremely versatile travel. After months of successful testing it has undergone some additional machining to reduce weight in non-structural areas.

Note: This is your first look at the 2010 X Fusion 02 RCX which has been tuned to match our frames demands and has preformed extremely well during testing!!!

Replaceable drop outs in horizontal, vertical or Maxle versions. Drop outs are "Lego Fit" into the drop out lug and held firm with 2 x 8mm bolts... no chain ring bolts here.

Killswitch Features:

Handmade from a custom 6061 T6 tubeset with precision CNC'd linkages & yokes.
Black Market's own proprietary Hammer-Link design with 100mm travel.

Replaceable Nylock nuts and threaded inserts milled into the frame at all bolt locations and shock mount points protect against over zealous mechanics and owners a like.

Custom Killswitch tuned X-Fusion 02 RCX shock.

All hardware and bearings are easily accessible for ease of maintenance and repairs.

Blk Mrkt Cartidge Zero Stack headset (included) design to allow for the lowest front end possible.

Replaceable BB shell also acts as massive 30mm pivot axle.

Replaceable drop outs in horizontal (included), vertical or maxle versions(sold separately).

Sizes: S (21"), M (22") & L (23")
Colors: Flat Black, Flat Grey, Flat Purple

Weight: 7lbs. 10 oz. with shock and hardware.

For more info or dealer inquiries please e mail


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