Malice and Soldier... Part II

Kenda K-Rad's and a 26:12 featuring the Revolver Lite 7075 sporocket and close engagement cassestte hub keep the Malice ahead of the pack.

The new improved Marzocchi DJ1 looks great and feels better than years past.
30 lbs. of bad attitude and good times waiting for you here.

2010 Blk Mrkt Malice available Spring 2010

Upgraded spec and a lower price tag for 2010... US MSRP $999.99
thru your local BlkMrkt dealer Spring 2010.
Embossed Brass Knuckle slim seat with the new BlkMrkt Billy Club 1 bolt action seat post and Collar seat clamp all help round out this out of the box killer.
Real BlkMrkt Bada Boom 25.4mm bars with Adam Hauck grips, Underboss stem, Hayes brakes and the new improved Marzocchi DJ3 help keep the bumps to a minimum.

2010 Blk Mrkt SOLDIER available Spring 2010

I am so relieved to finally be able to show you the final 2 color ways for the 2010 completes and have them not be computer generated or mocked up in my garage with spray paint while downing a PBR at 2 AM.

So without further adieu... here are the 2010 SOLDIER & MALICE in their 2nd color ways.
Featuring graphics by Index Ink's Chad Carothers... Hope you dig.


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