Summer in (NOT IN) New Zealand... ummm, turns out... I meant to say Australia

Karl Benseman sent in some photos from where it's hot and sunny... (not) New Zealand... Australia!

So, while you may be under a foot or more of snow or still baling the water out of your local skatepark because it was built at the bottom of a 200' hill that WAS covered by 2" of wood chips like so...

Laguna Hills wakeboard park is now open daily...
Still not NZ...
Ummm, you may need more than a broom.

Here's how they're gettin' on down there...

Ryan "Squid" Chesney throws a mean tuck no hander when he's not bangin' bars in 4X... In Australia.

Karl divin' in...

In Australia.

One mo' time... Karl dumps a 3... by Tim Kerr

In Australia.

Sometimes things just don't go as planned in Hazard County as you'd like'em too.

Nor Cal reppin'...

I found these photos by Brian Raphael on PinkBike... Brian, Sergio and Trevor are always up to something and they usually are making it look fun. Here's a small example of their antics... you can find more at

Sergio drift...

How's that feel???

Trevor top side no can.
Scenic SF railhop. Trevor

Brian knows how to impress the ladies.

Brian steps out from behind the camera for a big railhop...

Ray's Odd Couple Results

Adam just checked in from Cleveland to let me know who made the podium at the 2nd Annual Ray's Odd Couple contest.

Ray's Odd Couple Podium

1st Rocco Quintiliani/ Brian Kachinski

2nd Adam Hauck/ Kris Markum

3rd Jeff Lenosky/ Chris Aceto

I'll post the videos as soon as they're available...

Ray's Odd Couple Contest this weekend!!!!

It's time for Ray's to throw their 2nd annual Odd Couple contest where one 20'er, one 26'er & one filmer team up to film and edit an impromptu riding video. If you haven't been to Ray's and you're close enough to get there... do it!!! This is possibly the coolest contest to be there for.... not only can you watch all the teams film their parts but you get to see their debut's at the party. So, get to Ray's and go cheer on your favorite riders as they ride the raddest indoor spot ever built.

Just a preview of what you will see this weekend...

ChaseLife 4 (Rays Comp) from Aaron Chase on Vimeo.

Cheap Thrills!!!

Robert Angle get flat over K.O.D.
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

If there's one thing I've missed over the last few years it was the massive Sheep Hills sessions of 30 + riders and the huge trains that ensue... Well, I'm very happy to report that Sheep has definitely still has it's magic in full effect!

It's crazy, everything has changed... the bikes, the riders, the style of the jumps. Everything!!! But, nothing has changed!!! Everyday the trails and weather permit there's a good size session and everyone is there for the same reason... to have fun on their bikes no matter the size.

Here's a few pics from the last days before today's all day downpour with more coming all week...
Oh well, I'm glad I got to ride until the rain started.

I don't know this guy but he throws a Griz air against a rad sky at night.
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

The Wildman is always ready to bring back the classics with a stretched 1 foot X thru Spoon.
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

Pedro has gone from a weird little kid to weird big kid with a talent for riding anything with style and building rat rods.
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

Gee Atherton took sometime out of his abdominal training to come enjoy some Sheep Dirt just before the week long downpour... Damn you El Nino!!!
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

Dan Atherton is the only guy who does as many laps as I do in a day at the trails... and more.
Dan is a shredder!
Photo: Eiichi Yabu

Jake Kinney made it up from SD and threw down until he came up short on K.O.D. and choppered his fork... ouch.
Photo: Erik Winkler
Devin cracks the whip for Eiichi's lens

Eiichi catches me mid, "Holy ffffff!!!" during a first run over-shoot into a very tight left hand hairpin on K.O.D.
Just a guess but I think Zeus likes it here.
Photo Eiichi Yabu

Love to flow Spoon.
Photo Eiichi Yabu
Zeus has Sheep Hill wired... he's actually able to keep up with me for an entire lap... sometimes catching me in the "Kiddie Pack" berm.
Photo Eiichi Yabu


Just found this on Transworld... Ian Mcomber definitely is riding to the beat of a different drummer.

Contraband build for Ray's

Side on, ride on, right on. And to answer all the questions about the seat... that's a stripped down version of the SDG Patriot I Beam. Seat and 4.5" Post weigh in at 8.8 oz.

Straight on.

Contraband art by Chad Carother's of Index Ink.

Somehow we're calling this dark orange... hmmmm, it's more a burnt umber, but it's growing on me... Note: This is the 395mm Tech 9 in clear raw.

Since we are very new to the 24" market and seeing as it is a very small market as well, with many, many skeptics and critics a like. I was never a fan of throwing a set of 24's on a 26" frame because, well... it just looked off. When I was racing 20", I always preferred and rode my cruiser better than my 20". So, for me 24's seem to have a natural feel and since I'm vertically challenged... 26's can be a bit much to get away from when things go bad riding park and street, specially learning new shit.

Why am I babbling about this you ask??? Well, with all these factors against the poor 24", I've decided I'm building up a sweet rigid Contraband and send it to a place where countless riders will have an opportunity to throw a leg over and taker her for a spin... literally. I'm sending this machine to Ray's MTB in sunny Cleveland, Ohio. Only a few more components and it's ready to roll...

Malice and Soldier... Part II

Kenda K-Rad's and a 26:12 featuring the Revolver Lite 7075 sporocket and close engagement cassestte hub keep the Malice ahead of the pack.

The new improved Marzocchi DJ1 looks great and feels better than years past.
30 lbs. of bad attitude and good times waiting for you here.

2010 Blk Mrkt Malice available Spring 2010

Upgraded spec and a lower price tag for 2010... US MSRP $999.99
thru your local BlkMrkt dealer Spring 2010.
Embossed Brass Knuckle slim seat with the new BlkMrkt Billy Club 1 bolt action seat post and Collar seat clamp all help round out this out of the box killer.
Real BlkMrkt Bada Boom 25.4mm bars with Adam Hauck grips, Underboss stem, Hayes brakes and the new improved Marzocchi DJ3 help keep the bumps to a minimum.

2010 Blk Mrkt SOLDIER available Spring 2010

I am so relieved to finally be able to show you the final 2 color ways for the 2010 completes and have them not be computer generated or mocked up in my garage with spray paint while downing a PBR at 2 AM.

So without further adieu... here are the 2010 SOLDIER & MALICE in their 2nd color ways.
Featuring graphics by Index Ink's Chad Carothers... Hope you dig.

Women Of Dirt Trailer

Lisa Myklak and Emily Johnston called last night on their drive home from a day of riding Woodward West and let me know about a new video coming soon... "Women of Dirt"

What's different about this movie? Foregoing the obvious title give away... It's all about the chicks getting dirrty on their bikes. Look for Lisa, Emily and a bevy of female shredders to brighten your day as they rip a turn or hit a 60 footer at race speed... Some girls, got balls???

New Malice & Soldier pics...

Soldier controls... Hayes MX4 brakes
Rim art detail.
Soldier drive train
2010 Soldier US MSRP $999.99
BlkMrkt bar/stem combo with Hayes Stroker Ryde & Adam Hauck grips.

Malice rear detail

The 2010 Malice US MSRP $1300.00

We've started receiving our first run of our own products after a long wait... but they'll be rolling in on a regular basis for the next few months. As the weather warms up we'll be releasing all the 2010 line-up. This shipment brought in the Contraband's, Bada Boom bars and 2 samples of each complete.

Here's our first real look at the 2010 Malice in tan & purple and the Soldier in blue & grey. Hope you like these... I'll have the other 2 colorways for you eyes this week.

Please Note: The 2010 Soldier in blue will come with 2 blue rims instead of 1 grey.

Chase Life Vol. 10.... 2009 Wrap Up

Cult Bikes

I just saw this up on Ride BMX'x website and it made me smile.

Dakota Roche's new Cult


I'm very happy for Rob O and Neal Wood as they have both made the split from tyrannical world. I spoke with Neal the on Saturday who actually made it out to Sheep Hills to ride his bike for the first time in many months...

Good luck guys!!!

The Contraband is here...

The new Lock-Down lock-on grip with integrated lock guard to keep your hands from coming into contact with those comfy bolts.

Field of bars.

It's official... We are finally taking delivery of our first shipment of products that belong to us and not the man. Thank F'N something!!!

Our first shipment is small and only handful what we will offer in the 2010 BlkMrkt product line... this shipment will include the new Contraband 24" frame in 3 colors, 21.5" or 22" TT. We'll also have BADA BOOM bars back in stock in 4 colors... and finally a few production samples of the Malice & Soldier completes.

The next boat will be here in Feb. and that will contain most of our small parts, grips, pedals... yada yada. More info on that when the time comes.

Killswitch update

Here's a quick update on the Killswitch. After several months of successful testing, we made a few adjustments. Most notably was removing the adjustable head angle steer tube. Testing proved to me the 90* headset is too temperamental for our application. Other than that we lost some weight in several overbuilt areas and I'm looking forward to the new production sample.

Until then here's the new Killswitch webpage.