Tejas Dirt Fools from Dirtnap Mcgillicutty on Vimeo.

Jeremiah Work, A.K.A. "Salty" just sent me this gem.... and by gem I mean he kept this hidden and in the dark so long it could have turned into a diamond or something... a moissanite.

I'm gonna say this footage is a bit dated but it's fun to watch and the Misfits rule...

But Salty's P-bike blows....

Free Killswitch poster with all orders.

For a limited time receive a free Killswitch double sided poster featuring Adam Hauck on one side and Carter Holland on the other...

Another sick web edit from Russia...

This one is brought to you by BlkMrkt's Russian Distributor, Team Mano.
These kids mean business!!! You may recognize Vishneviy and his Comrade Chika from their other edits. наслаждайтесь!!!

This is awesome...

I just found this on Ride magazine's website... it's really well done.

Beyond Bikes Biketoberfest goes big!!!

Lobes enjoys one of many Fat Tire's of the day while Tim points at something.

Mike is Republik's best choice for clothing testing... for obvious reasons.
SD local ripper Tim Gooden takes his .357 to new heights.

I rode the Killswitch for a few runs.
Mike getting ready to change tube number 2...

Mike is pretty rad...

He flaired it too...

Steve Woodward put on a how to trick the fuck out of a steep 3' wide 6' lip.

Last saturday I was unable to make it to Aptos for the Ham and Steeze Jam but I managed to make it down to San Diego where Beyond Bikes was throwing a Biketoberfest with free micro-brews, sausage BBQ, and a box jump demo. With Republik and SNAFU's cash... Lobes A.K.A. Kalin Law and Brad Winger built a crazy steep "SPOX" with a 6' lip and landing and a 5' deck.

It was a challenge to ride and pretty scary but with locals "SPOX" shredders like Mike Montgomery and Steve Woodward living near by the show was on.

Here's a few pics taken by Kalin Law... A.K.A. "LOBES".
He's a good boy.

2010 Black Market Products arriving soon...

Another new release for O'10 is the Killswitch print slim seat for something a little different.

The Lock-down end cap acts also as the end lock.
Also new for 2010 is the Lock-Down lock-on grip system. I wanted to tackle some of the issues I despise about lock-on grips such as why do we always have to feel that bolt that strips out instantly anyway??? We've hidden the inside clamp with a larger 3mm bolt head under a comfortable flange and used the end cap to act as the outer clamp utilizing a recessed set-screw. We've also made the grip a bit wider and they will be available in multiple colors.

1.5" x 30" x 31.8mm BadaBoom

Bars will finally be back in stock and we've added white for those of you into that kind of stuff.

The all new Tech9 rigid forks available in either 415mm Axle to Crown or 395mm AtoC... black or raw.
2 lbs. 6 oz.

Contraband built with Tech9 rigid fork.

2010 Contraband in black

2010 Contraband in neon green
Full butted chromoly tubeset
Mid BB
Integrated seat collar
Integrated headset
Graphics by Chad Carothers
Sizes: 21.5" or 22"
Weight: 5 lbs. 12 oz. / 2.6 kg.

the Soldier

The 2010 Soldier replaces the .357 with upgraded spec and a lower sticker price and sick new graphics. See attached spec sheet for details.

The 2010 Malice
The 2010 Malice will replace the popular mid level Riot frame and complete bike with amazing graphics by Chad Carothers of Index Ink and updated spec. and a lower US MSRP of $1300.00.

BlkMrkt Bada Boom bars
Underboss 25.4mm stem
Brass Knuckle embossed seat
Beat Stick seatpost
C4 plastic pedals
Lock-Up Lock-On grips
Revolver Lite 26 t sprocket
2010 Marzocchi DJ1 80mm fork

We've finally received most of our 2010 product samples and were able to get them shot for your viewing pleasure. We should see the Contrabands, forks and bars by late November and the rest of the line will arrive in the New Year and the Killswitch being available in April.
The Malice & Soldier completes will arrive in January as well.

Here's a look at what you can expect from Blk Mrkt in 2010...


NJ's Mike Demarzo kicks a wicked griz over a new hip
by Nick B.

Lately there's been a lot dudes on the east side picking the 26" over the 20" and discovering how big and fast you can go... Mike Demarzo is one recent 20" transplant and he's killing it on Adam's old Mob... proving they get better with age.


enough for tonight...

Jim Tharp... photo carter... SF, Ca.
My mom & Lulu... Las Vegas, Nv.
Grom wall carve... Berringer's house... SLC, Utah
Hauck... Jersey... Brandreth
This is soo nasty its ridiculous... and every photo I have of Jim Tharp is ridiculous. I'm gonna do a post on Jim solo...
SHL's... Nasty, G-Man and Freddie Chulo
Kirt Vories focused... Whistler BC
Kirt Vories fast

Fernando Sabat nac nac... Perris, Ca.
Dave Holzer... Brooklyn Banks NYC
Carter wall foot jam by Lisa Myklak... in a dock house near Squamish, BC
Chair hop by Lisa M. Squamish, BC
the finished product... photo by Nick B.
Chad Carothers caught mid draw on Adam's new Mob
Zeus loves dual slalom...
Sam Hill Vs. Brenden Fairclough, 1st. round of Crankworx Pro Dual Slalom... Whistler, Canada
Landon Belcher, Fullerton, Ca.
Fernando Sabat... Fullerton, Ca.
Zeus & Sierra... rainy day in Whistler
Bigs big downside footplant... Ontario, Canada

Adam Hauck by Nick Brandreth... Bloomfield, NJ

I was looking at photos tonight and wanted to share some of my favorites from this year...

BlkMrkt Cartel

Hello all, sorry for the lack of updates as of late but I'm swamped trying to get 2010 together...

Dustin Gilding from Abbotsford, B.C. recently sent me some photos he shot with Ian Hylands... you may remember his photos from the pages of Decline back when....

Dustin's BC Mob

Dustin spins a shoulder buzz 3 for ih.

I was holding out putting these up until Dustin got me a build list for his Mob but that hasn't happened so here you are...

Thanks to Dustin and Ian Hylands for these.