Fontana Winter Series....

 Tom McCormack takes time from off the City Of Orange Public Works to do some damage in Fontucky.
It's hard work making these guys look so bad... another Riot mounted Orange local leads the way to the finish.
The Orange "Y" locals were working fools all day long... Kyle pulling.

Welcome back Dave......
Dave Langford dives into turn 2 all NASCAR...

Fontana's pro podium.
I made it home from Taiwan by 10 AM on Saturday and headed directly to Fontana to watch the 4x races... I really considered racing but after 14+ hours on a plane and a ridiculous Sake/whiskey induced hangover the day before I decided to just snap some pics instead of gates.

Longtime friend and badass on the track, Dave Langford has once again returned to racing and has already stepped right back into the thick of things like I knew he would. Dave wasted the first 2 rounds of pros in only is 2nd race back and ended up on the 2nd podium step at the end of the day.

The CalTime from the Orange "Y" BMX track were once again out in force taking numerous podium spots showing they're getting into the 26" flow of things. Hopefully 4x will boom in the US like it has in the UK... so much more fun than the typical BMX track. Go race...

Decline mag on the stands

just a sample of Nick's work in print...

April's Decline on newstands somewhere now...
I just opened up the new April issue of Decline and Scott Hart had told me I would be stoked but... how stoked??? I was pretty much jumping up and down when I flipped through it. To say we got some coverage is a understatement. Nick Brandreth's photos from the "Replacement Jam" were awesome and a huge boost to the lack of decent photos in magazines lately. It gets a bit old seeing the same photo of a guy going fast between the tape or another gay MB (you know the last letter) XC bike test... not that I don't appreciate it at times, but it's been done. 

We've been seeing the same photographers for so long the photos are basically interchangeable. I'd like to give credit for stepping it up the efforts... now pay the photogs fairly and on time and you're on to something. 


NYC bitch....
Redding, Ca.
Phillip from Germany is stoked on his Riot build... nice job.


A few from everywhere today....

BlkMrkt products landed...

Matt from WideOpen in New Zealand announced that their first shipment of 2009 BlkMrkt products arrived yesterday. Matt's guys are ready to roll, so if you're down that way... you know where to go. 

X-Fusion Spy shots

Ahhh... they're for real... the new X-Fusion Vengence 20mm fork. Here's few shots of things to come.

BlkMrkt in New Zealand

Karl Bensemann twist a can can 3 for Tim Pierce's lens in New Zealand.

Our Aussie distributor just sent me an update on the scene "Down Unda" where their traveling nomad BlkMrkt rider Karl Bensemann is currently hitting up the trails in New Zealand.
He’s sent a couple of shots from Queenstown…. Thanks to Elite Cycling Imports for the update.

Karl won biggest boost and best trick with a 360 cancan at the Revolver Dirt Jam at Gorge Road in Queenstown on the weekend!

Guessing Game

I probably should have told you earlier but Jon Condezella was the first to accurately guess a "tobacco water pipe" and he was the winner of... a t shirt. Good job John... amazing how many people picked up on that immediately... thanks for playing, next time we'll make it a bit harder.

Odd Couple contest video

Here's Adam and Jason Perz entry into the recent Odd Couple video contest held at Ray's Indoor MTB Park IN Cleveland, Oh. I not sure why Adam & Kevin would want to sabotage Dorito's runs, but watch the vid. and judge for yourself.

So you want some custom 26's fo yo ride???

I almost forgot my favorite part of this post... this is Atomlab's founder, Mike Flaherty circa 1984... riding a Patterson with graphite Tuff II's, giant Zeronine plate... visor riser and a JT Mouthtrap and checkered slip ons... Mike... you're the man!!!!

Atomlab has a sick new custom wheel build page where you can choose from a plethora of rim, nipple spoke combos just in case your nips are doing it for you any more and you're ready for that upgrade. Check it out...

Taiwan bound...

I'm sitting here in LAX awaiting my first boarding call for an 11 hour flight to Narita, Japan then on to Taipei. I'm pretty excited to see the actual bicycle industry at work, this should be pretty cool.
I'll do my best to up date this thing as much as possible. Unfortunately it's supposed to rain for my entire visit so I didn't even pack my bike this trip. Back in a week.

Rider Blogs up and runnin'

I knew this would grab your attention....
I'm stoked to finally announce the team riders blogs are up and operational... now they just need to get started. Adam has already started posting with the results from Ray's Odd Couple video contest last week. Stay tuned....

School project...

A few years ago I met the Hasserjian Bros. while working at Woodward's MTB camp... and they have kept in touch but this time Luke did me one better by mocking up a blkmrkt ad for an assignment in advertising class... Better get an A... 

Cartel... Japan

'Teisuke Morimoto is a huge bike fan from Japan as well as a photographer, video producer and the Black Market distributor in the Land of the Rising Sun. Anyway, I found some cool photos on his flickr page and wanted to share. 

Fallen Soldier...

Another heart breaker for the action sports community as Jeremy Lusk passes away from injuries sustained in Costa Rica during an FMX event.

"Professional freestyle motocross rider Jeremy
Lusk died Monday night after succumbing to a brain injury incurred in a
Feb. 7 X Riders show in Costa Rica.
Lusk, 24, whose nickname was "Pitbull," was a
member of the Metal Mulisha freestyle motocross team. He died at 11:03
p.m. PT at the Calderon Intensive Care Unit in San Jose, where he was
treated for major brain trauma and was in an induced coma to allow
swelling of his brain to subside.
Video of the crash shows Lusk completing the
initial trick of his run, but after his launch from a second, smaller
ramp, his bike pitches forward on landing and his full-face helmet
shears apart on impact.
According to the
website created by his supporters, Lusk died in the presence of his
parents, Chuck and Gina Lusk, his wife Lauren and her parents.
Mulisha members Brian Deegan, Ryan Hagy, Cameron Steele and Erik Apple were also with him.
"He is now with our Heavenly Father and is at
peace," the website posted. "We know he is performing sick tricks for
all those in Heaven to crowds greater than we have ever seen. We will
miss you Pitbull!"
His family and friends travelled to Costa Rica
in hopes of returning Lusk to the U.S. for treatment, but his injuries
were too severe.
Funeral arrangements are pending." - US Today

Bigelow redux...

Bigelow Industry Sess. from Jake Vanderweyden on Vimeo.

something corrupted this video last time it was up after only 6 hours... hopefully we'll get a bit more this time.


my prized 1984 P.K. Ripper with Landing Gear fork... Fork Lifter bars, Flight cranks, black front, chrome rear & one peg... oh yeah, 14" of chrome seat post and a gay 80's haircut... all that's missing is a walkman... er, I meant... ipod. Location: Washington Square Park 3 humps... I just made that up.

I found a photo the other day and decided to share it... it's from 1985-86. This is my Greg Hill Tuck to flat entry to Liquid Dirt's GHT tribute...


Rick is recovering for a surgical procedure right now so wish him well!!!!
name this object for a prize.....
Jeremy Tooker enjoys a SD sunset
Got munchies???