Happy Veteran's Day to those who dare...

A special thank you to my former squadron HMH-466... Wolf Pack out of Miramar, SD.
and Nick... I just realized I was already in a Wolf Pack prior to the Banks Jam, now I'm in 2...

No one should ever have to give their life for their country but it happens and the brave men and women who serve do so with the knowledge they may never return home from their tour but they do so in hopes of making our world a better place. Support our troops always. They did not choose their battle but they will fight it for us... Thank you!

Just a quick note to thank those serving or have served in the US Armed Forces for all their sacrifices and bravery in a very unpopular situation brought on by an even more unpopular man.


Blogger Matthew R said...

100% with you on this one.
Matt @ DMR Bikes

November 17, 2009 at 1:43 AM  

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