Beyond Bikes Biketoberfest goes big!!!

Lobes enjoys one of many Fat Tire's of the day while Tim points at something.

Mike is Republik's best choice for clothing testing... for obvious reasons.
SD local ripper Tim Gooden takes his .357 to new heights.

I rode the Killswitch for a few runs.
Mike getting ready to change tube number 2...

Mike is pretty rad...

He flaired it too...

Steve Woodward put on a how to trick the fuck out of a steep 3' wide 6' lip.

Last saturday I was unable to make it to Aptos for the Ham and Steeze Jam but I managed to make it down to San Diego where Beyond Bikes was throwing a Biketoberfest with free micro-brews, sausage BBQ, and a box jump demo. With Republik and SNAFU's cash... Lobes A.K.A. Kalin Law and Brad Winger built a crazy steep "SPOX" with a 6' lip and landing and a 5' deck.

It was a challenge to ride and pretty scary but with locals "SPOX" shredders like Mike Montgomery and Steve Woodward living near by the show was on.

Here's a few pics taken by Kalin Law... A.K.A. "LOBES".
He's a good boy.


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