2009 Crankworx Day 1: Dual Slalom USA Rules the Day!!!

Zeus is a race fan 100%!!!
Mikey Haderer leads
Sam Hill focused and fast...
1st. Jason Halverson 2nd. me 3rd. Gunner (the course builder!!!)
This is the first lap of the finals... unfortunately I blew a corner on the 2nd lap and ended up 2nd behind Jason Halverson.
leading in the semi-final over the water hazard
exiting turn 1 stepping down into turn 2...
My first gate drop racing Crankworx Dual Slalom

Yesterday was the official kick-off to the 2009 Crankworx bike festival up here in Whistler BC. Day 1 was all about Dual Slalom and the course was amazing!!! Extremely fast, tight, technical with basically no where to pedal after the 3rd obstacle and the fastest end rhythm all the way to the finish.

The racing was awesome all day long with lots of drama up to the end with the USA taking top spots in Pro Men, Pro Women, Master's men. Kyle Strait came thru big time defeating Brian Lopes to the beam in both laps... it was insane!!! Jill Kitner destroyed the women.

I raced dual for the first time since Monterey 4 years ago... I decided Pro was a bit much for me here as every big name in the world was here to vie for the podium spots so I raced Master's (30+) and it turned out to very competitive. I managed 2nd on the podium after blowing turn 2 on the yellow course a bit and loosing to Jason Halverson by .03... but I had a great time and it was the only lap I lost all day...

Here are a few pics from the day... enjoy...


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