Project "Killswitch"

Full Squish...
Hammer-Link detail
Say hello to my little friend.
The first rule about project Killswitch is you don't talk about project Killswitch... I guess that's out the window now. We've been quietly working on our suspension frame ( you know the name now.) for almost 2 years now, slowly defining our thought of a frame how designed for bike parks, slope style, dirt jumping and gated racing should be addressed. This is what we've come up with...

Black Market Bikes is proud to announce the the arrival of our prototype short travel frame....the “Killswitch”. We

worked closely with Pablo Tafoya in developing our "Hammer-Link" design creating a our compact low profile

suspension frame. The Hammer-Link provides 4 inches of rear wheel travel while maintaining a stiff, flickable feel with

short 16” chainstays and the lowest seat height of any suspension frame....period. The Killswitch has the ability to be

run single speed or geared for true versatility.

Handmade from 6061 T6 aluminum with function and durability in mind, the Killswitch was meant for the bike park... this

is not one of the usual suspects in fresh paint. Like anything we produce, there was a need for something more... and the

time has come to...

"throw the switch!!!"

Kill Switch Vital Statistics:

TT - 21" Actual or 22.25”

CS - 16"/406mm

SO - 26"/ 660mm

BB - 13"/ 330mm

WB - 41.25"/ 1047.75mm

Shock - 6.5" x 1.5"/ 165mm x 38mm air

HA - 69 standard with the option of 68 or 70 with concentric headset

Weight - 8 lbs./ 3.62 kgs. with shock

26.5 lbs./ 12 kgs. as shown

Travel - 4"

Seat clamp - 34.9mm (included)

Seat post - 30.9mm

ISCG 05 mounts

internal headset


Concentric headset

Replaceable drop-outs available in:




Flat black with gloss grey and black sticker kits

Flat grey with gloss grey and black sticker kits

Flat purple with gloss purple and black sticker kits

For more information please contact

R.I.P. Sierra... we had a great time for 12 years.

Today turned out to be one of the hardest of my life as I had to make the decision to put my 12 year old pit named Sierra to sleep to end any unnecessary suffering due to a very aggressive tumor in her neck. I could not watch her lose her quality of life any more.

Sierra was with me for almost 12 years and will always be known as "the cutest ever."

I love you Sierra.

From the Road

My Mob with sample artwork for the 2010 completes...
Chair bump jump for Lisa's lens.
Lean air by Lisa
Chair bump--jump... photo by Lisa Myklak
Shady abubaca along the Vancouver coast line... photo by Lisa Myklak

Here's a few pictures Lisa Myklak shot just before my skatepark incident. Pretty happy about these, thanks for your help Lisa.

Auburn.... Fuck!!!

Voila'... you're new look is complete.
and a few of these....
we won't need... this... any more.
1 hour after the wash-out

Hello from the urgent care waiting room in auburn, wa. Where I get to spend my afternoon after an unfortunate run in with some new paint in a concret bowl that sent me to my face about an hour ago.

Pretty bummed right now with a broken left hand, split eye, black eye & a new concussion... Woo hoo!!! Hopefully I'll see the Doc soon so I can finish my drive home.... 1100 miles to go, no fun now!!!! I'll put up some pics as soon as I can.

Pics now up as promised...

Lastly... I'd like to thank 2 kids who put their Boy Scout training to work by breaking out the first aid kit and helping me get cleaned up. Thanks Anthony and Blake for your help!!!


2009 Crankworx Day 1: Dual Slalom USA Rules the Day!!!

Zeus is a race fan 100%!!!
Mikey Haderer leads
Sam Hill focused and fast...
1st. Jason Halverson 2nd. me 3rd. Gunner (the course builder!!!)
This is the first lap of the finals... unfortunately I blew a corner on the 2nd lap and ended up 2nd behind Jason Halverson.
leading in the semi-final over the water hazard
exiting turn 1 stepping down into turn 2...
My first gate drop racing Crankworx Dual Slalom

Yesterday was the official kick-off to the 2009 Crankworx bike festival up here in Whistler BC. Day 1 was all about Dual Slalom and the course was amazing!!! Extremely fast, tight, technical with basically no where to pedal after the 3rd obstacle and the fastest end rhythm all the way to the finish.

The racing was awesome all day long with lots of drama up to the end with the USA taking top spots in Pro Men, Pro Women, Master's men. Kyle Strait came thru big time defeating Brian Lopes to the beam in both laps... it was insane!!! Jill Kitner destroyed the women.

I raced dual for the first time since Monterey 4 years ago... I decided Pro was a bit much for me here as every big name in the world was here to vie for the podium spots so I raced Master's (30+) and it turned out to very competitive. I managed 2nd on the podium after blowing turn 2 on the yellow course a bit and loosing to Jason Halverson by .03... but I had a great time and it was the only lap I lost all day...

Here are a few pics from the day... enjoy...

ThunderHauck edit from Nick at

Canada or Bust... day 1

Super dog...

After 2 days of driving it was awesome to get to Rainbow Lake and let the dogs out of the truck and off the leash!!! They loved it... we could even see the Blackcomb forest fire as the planes bombed it with fire retardant.