So. Cal. roadtrip

you end up with a cool dirt 'stache...
When your tire knocks your foot off your one remaining pedal...
Lisa getting thru the main line at Da' Compound with ease.
Um... yeah, Thomas.
Lisa catches a lookback from a different angle.
Jim makes good use of one of his favorite jumps in the world... Da' Compound.
Cobb adjusted to our spot immediately...

Jim Tharp and Lisa Myklak made the trip south this weekend along with Santa Cruz local rippers with Shane and Cobb. They came down to ride Woodward for a day then check out Nasty's Jam which once again got weathered out... rain, wind... they got it all.

Once done with the Central coast's random acts of wind & rain they headed to Da' Compound were I met up and rode the rest of the day and night with Thomas Hancock. Thomas is now a daddy but still a badass!!!

Cobb & Shane both got thru the hip line at Gavilan first run ever... back to back! Pretty fucking dialed I'd say. Lisa was getting thru the entire big line and hip line at Da' Compound all day yesterday and had a couple of girl 20" riders totally stoked on her... and all the boys!!!

Here are few pics from this weekends riding... enjoy. Thanks to Lisa, Jim, Shane and Cobb for making the trip down, I had a good time.


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