San Diego's Finest....

Yeah SDPD... way to keep the skatepark safe from the derelicts....

"this is not an admission of guilt (laugh) only a promise to appear, press hard... 3 copies.
(can you tell I've said that before?)

I've been waiting for O.G. Rick Nolte to get well enough from his shoulder injury to get some riding shots and introduce him as one of the new BlkMrkt riders but this is going to have to do for now until he can make a full recover from surgery.

Those of you who know Rick and seen him ride... it's very different from what you're used to seeing. Rick is a master of the front brake nose wheelie, the 5 mile roll back and numerous other randomness on a bike. I recently witnessed him hop on to a sea wall ledge with a 20' drop on one ride only to nose wheelie a steep 2 section 10 flat 10 stair ledge before dropping into the sand perfectly at the bottom leaving a 20 people scratching their heads.... BTW the ledge was 12" wide but had a 6" decorative railing down the center of the entire ledge... leaving Rick less than 4" to keep from ending up stair meat covered in sand. Rick is a different kind of rider and I like it!!! 

Welcome to the team Rick... Rick will also be running Atomlab, Profile, X-Fusion forks(when he's not on the tech9 rigid), Intense tires, Hoven Vision glasses, UTI (under the influence... he is), G13, & Saint stoppers. Look for Rick at the Brooklyn Banks Jam in June... he'll be the guy wishing he could ride. Peace from Taiwan.



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