Road trip # 3 for 2009

First ever Mob ride for my mom... I was pretty stoked.
My mom and her dog Lulu, this also marks the first time I've ever seen my mom ride a bike and her first time  riding a BlkMrkt. Weird...
Probably my favorite part or road trips... the scenery.

The road home....

My campground in Utah...
Loaded up and truckin'...
Check out this little rippers ride... he even had ti spokes.
Matt takes the Contraband for a lap...
There were some interesting photos added to the decor by some guys from Idaho... well to each their own. 

Taking the Contraband around a tight corner at speed.
Railing the slide ride on the Contra
Thanks for letting me ride Matt!!!
topped off with a tight tranny 2 tire on the Contraband in the dart room, all in a days work for Josh. All wheels all sizes.
moving on to his first attempt at riding a 26" with a downside out of Matt's backyard bowl...
Josh Hult is burly and can adapt to anything... here he flairs at height over an unforgiving surface with no hesitation....
Jeff takes possession of the first Mob at 50/50 sold by Eddie Buckley himself 

Sorry for lack of updates while I've been on the road but internet has been spotty at best and I forgot my card reader to post photos. I just got back from a quick trip out to the Ranch Style slope style contest in Grand Junction, Co. I made the trip solo leaving at 4 AM on friday morning. 

I pinned it straight thru only stopping for gas and 5 hour energy crack shots making it to the Ranch in just over 10 hours. After walking around for an hour I attempted to get a few laps on the dual course which was fast & flowly with short, quick, steep jumps. The 2 courses were very different from each other which turned out to effect me a lot more than it did Tyler McCaul. We both ran our first laps ever on the left course as our qualifier... I missed the cut, Tyler made it and went on to finish 3rd behind the locals.

Based on the impending weather about to smack into Grand Junction and me not feeling the course I decided to pass on the slopestyle and headed to Salt Lake City to meet up with Eddie Buckley who co-owns the 50/50 Bike Shop in Layton, Utah and BlkMrkt's newest dealer.

Once I met up with Shreddie and Josh Hult from Idaho we went and checked out the shop where Eddie proceeded to sell his first Mob frame within 20 minutes of putting it on the wall. We all rode the Layton skatepark for a bit before heading over to Matt Beringer's legendary fun house complete with waterslide ride and insanely tight garage bowl with fresh dart board graphics. 

I want to thank Eddie, Matt, Josh and the rest of the guys who made my trip. If you're in the N. SLC area and looking for BlkMrkt... you know where to go, 50/50. Check out dealer locator for more information. 


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