Love style.....

Christian enjoying wearing shorts months before his countrymen as he samples So Cal. concrete.
I put the revised Contraband thru its paces with outstanding results.
local hip blast... just wish I wrote their names down.

This guy has so many sick lines and they all include speed and pop!!!

There's nothing like someone ripping around a park blasting hips and pyramids... nose diving in at speed and the carving into a 50/50 grind... yep, I'm talking about skateboarding. At the local park I ride a lot (Fullerton), there's a strong skate contingent that kills it. While I was there with the guys from Slacker Imports (more to come on that...), BlkMrkt's Norwegian  distributor... there was a few skaters shredding.

Here's few photos Martin from Slacker shot while his buddy Christian and I rode...


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