What's your style??? Does it matter???

& mine
Mondo's personal ride...
This one belongs to Mondo's girl Kelly

Keith leads the way in 35-39 cruiser at a recent NBL National.
Keith Miller is a local at Ray's and an NBL racer who has decided he likes the rigid 26" for BMX nationals and its been paying off.  
Couple of late additions:

Jim Tharp's personal tech9 equipped whip... 
This Rigid Riot belongs to Dan Kaslow.
these look similar but very different...

I have to tell you the truth... when I first got into 26" I wasn't down with rigid forks, "what's the point... just ride a 20"!" Right??? I don't think that way any longer. I'm really starting to appreciate the many different ways to ride a bike as are a lot of folks... 

Well, I'm starting to think there is a place for rigid forks after all isn't that what was on the first mountain bikes? For the last 3 weeks Jim Tharp and I have been testing our new prototype rigid fork to replace the S&M built fork and I'm loving it... I like it for park/ street more than dirt... well big fast dirt anyway. I prefer the X-Fusion cut down to 60mm to take the edge of the speed and impact... plus I like the predictability of suspension at high speeds. The tech9 has an axle to crown of 415 mm which steepens my Mob's headangle to 73* which is great for the park making moves like footjams ( so hot right now... ), barspins and tailwhips easier. 

On the other side of the coin is dirt. I've only ridden our spot "Gavilan" where its downhill fast big and technical with turns and highspeed rollers making the steeper headangle a little bit much considering how much faster the roll is with a rigid fork. It definitely takes getting used too and a bit of commitment but I think if you're a park rider or just tired of breaking $500 engineering nightmares, look into a rigid fork... you might be pleasantly surprised and save some cash on replacing forks until you're smooth enough to preserve it.  More info on the tech9 soon. 

 I guess the moral of the story is try different things and ride your style and no one else's... not even Taylor Sage's just yours. Stop practicing the perfect Kyle Strait shoulder buzz... I'll bet he doesn't even enjoy it any more...

p.s. if you know who owns these other 2 builds please send me their info.


Blogger Armando said...

Those "Mondo and Kelly" Mobs are SICK!!

March 19, 2009 at 11:51 AM  

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