Ray's Legend's Weekend

Thanks Ray!!!
Ever travel to Cleveland to ride your bicycle in a 75 year old parachute factory and meet a 45 year young lady how jumps horses for a living and the RedBull box at Ray's for fun... and she's only been riding 2 years? I did... 
when trials riders attack.... 
Ray's V.I.P. area is STQS.... strong to quite strong
George Ryan... foot jams, so hot right now.
Hans is always smiling... & very much a Legend in MTB.Legends for sure... Toledo Joe, Aaron Chase & Adam Hauck.
Edwin DelaRosa and family came in... how long until she's barspinnin' that thing???
Big tuck's the gap at Ray's.
Welcome to the Bigelow  show.... Ruben at height.
question 1. If the height of pipe "X" = 9' and the height of ramp "Y"= 2' then X+Y= Boy's got Pop
Hauck downside footplants the vert wall after handplanting the the step-up. 

I'm still kind of decompressing from 3 days at Ray's Indoor MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio. If you've never been, you owe it to yourself to check it out so, if you have a reason to be in the boomtown that is Cleveland... you know the spot.

There were Legends O' Plenty from all rides of bikes... from BMX I saw Catfish, Edwin Delarosa, Brad Simms, Dave Mirra and the road trippin' 50/50 crew outta Utah. There were also a bunch of trials riders from the Eastern Block hopping and climbing all over Ray's. Then there was the real deal... the 26'ers. Among the big bikers were Jeff Lenosky,


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