trails is trails.....

one more Canuck...Eric Lawenuk whips it up.
Sorge clicked and spinning
I should have shot more these guys but I wanted to ride too much to pass it up completely.
Mark Keel still has it...
Sorge was gettin' shit done.
top of the hill at Heath's trails in Lonie Paxton's backyard. 
Heath... hip table
Giant's head stylecat Heath Pinter

This has been a good week for new web content... Jordie Lunn and a crew of Canadians including Ross Measures, Harookz and Kurt Sorge migrated south for few weeks and came to Riverside to ride some dirt. Luckily I was able to meet up with them for the day that started with a 4 hour session at Gavilan. What I thought was going to be a small session doubled  when a few 20" trail riders from the UK called me and linked up with us.

Unfortunately UK ripper, Bob Manchester (he does the most contorted turndowns I've ever seen) clapped his dome on his 2nd run putting him on the sidelines until session 2 at Heath Pinter's trails where he made a full recovery in his flow. Matt Priest was also here reppin' the UK 20" scene for segment bmx.

It was really cool to have a session with 20" & 26" with mutual respect for each others riding and no bad vibes being thrown because of bike choice... trails is trails. Shred'em on your fixie if you got it like that.


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