Time to celebrate life!!!!

These 2 wrote the book...
Much better day today, thank you Stephen!!!Big turn out in HB for Murray... "Stay Strong" side note: see how many faces your recognize from BMX mags if you're truly as down as you think... there are some sleepers in there.
OG SHL's... Nasty, G-Man & Freddie Chulo came down to party West Coast Winter style...


After yesterday's horrific news about Ed Bonnin, I was so happy to meet up with a bunch of SHL's from the past & present in celebrating Stephen Murray's birthday with a Pacific Ocean sunset BBQ. Tara Llanes and her mom Barb showed up and she looked amazing... she and Stephen are both in great spirits, have lots of support from friends and family but still need help via donations to their respective foundations... give Stephen a birthday gift : )



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