R.I.P. Ed Bonnin... you will be missed...

Ride on...
Ed Bonnin R.I.P. 01~07~09

It's 6:40 am on Friday morning and I wish I would have slept a lot longer. First thing I did was check my e mail only to read the tragic news that Ed Bonnin pasted away Wednesday night. Sadly and  apparently, Ed took his own life although the details are unclear. Ed was a driving force in the Aussie 26" scene with talent and style for days. WTF!!!???!!! My most heart felt condolences go out to the Bonnin family, I'm gonna go ride and remember my friend....


Gday Carter

Im a mate of Ed Bonnin's and just thought I would contact you, as he use to rave about blackmarket bikes! But anyhow, if you havent heard - Ed passed away Wednesday night. Unfortunately Ed took his own life, the circumstances that surround this are fairly sketchy. The kid was full of beans and had a personality to be jealous of and the skills to match…….tragic loss.

All the best

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