Fontana Winter Series....

I managed a 2nd on the pro podium this time....
More CalTime podium time...
The Orange "Y" locals A.K.A. CalTime Racing
Barry Nelson enjoys his first 26" podium... how old are those kids Barry????

Just walked in the door from racing the ODI/Southridge Winter Series 4 Cross race in Fontana, Ca. where the racing turned out really good due to large amounts of rain making for near perfect conditions on a far from perfect course.

BlkMrkt was well represented by the CalTime BMX team who racked up a few podium finishes in the amateur ranks. I was also able to talk long time friend and past National #1 BMXer "Belt Buckle"
Barry Nelson into trying 4Cross... the "Buckle" did not disappoint as he won every gate he stepped on and well as taking top spot on the expert podium. Not bad for a guy who doesn't own a 4Cross bike... I had to build up my chrome frame for him to race.

Another surprise this week was another name (Dave Langford) from the past who decided he wanted to race this year so after about 6 hours of building bikes for Barry & Dave I was very happy to see them both smokin' fools all day. Dave put a perfect move on Eric Carter and Jake Kinney in the first round leaving Jake to watch the rest of the day.


Blogger Buckle said...

First – Let me start by saying that your bikes are awesome! Easy to ride, stable to jump, great handling and stiff out of the gate.
How great is it to be able to call a friend like you at 1pm Friday and have a perfect bike brought to the hill. You Rock! I should have taken your advice years ago to try the 26” racing. I had a blast! Good people and good times.
Congratulation s on the 2nd place in PRO! Way to go, getting on the podium!
I look forward to riding and racing more 4-cross thanks to you and Black Market!
Who knows, with a bike and practice, I will be racing you.
I truly appreciate your support today Carter!

All the Best!
Barry “Belt Buckle” Nilson

January 25, 2009 at 1:36 AM  

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