Skeleton krew...

Trail boss whips the running last set while "Piney" the pine cone cheers wildly...
Corbin throws a big table with the narrowest bars I've seen in a long time.
Jeremy is the main guy here and he shreds... check out their blog...
This is "Stuntman Dan" Downey... I've been riding with Danny for years, he can drive a car on 2 wheels & he's the only person I've ever known to backflip a box jump while on fire... random facts for you.

I finally made it out to Skeleton today and they did not disappoint... local shovel artist Jeremy Combs & friends are carefully sculpting their way down the valley. If you are lucky enough find yourself here be prepared for pop... the 2nd set is down right scary its so poppy but they flow they way should and with the endless water supply and perfect afternoon shade this place is awesome aside from LA traffic... nothings perfect. 

Aussie rules football....

Ed Bonnin image by Taylor Wright
.... now
Taylor's whip before....
Taylor shoulder buzzzz

hip t-bog
Have you ever watched Aussie rules football??? If you haven't, you should... the shit's crazy. My point? Nothing really I just found some good photos from Aussie Taylor Wright on Pinkbike and I wanted a smooth segue into my next topic. Objective completed... check.

So, Taylor is from Hobart Australia... is a little rippa... up and coming photog and was mates with the late Ed Bonnin. Ed definitely left his trademark style with the kids he rode with... it's nice to see!!!

Taylor... thanks for the pics, hope you don't mind me ripping them off PinkBike too much.

Super Slope!!!

Saturday April 11 & Sunday April 12, 2009 - Superslope will be the first Slopestyle contest at Woodward West.
The slopestyle course is sure to be a rider favorite with a huge assortment of big drops and massive jumps.
We will be taking the already amazing slopestyle playground and grooming it for flow and amplitude. We are
also working on a nice big purse. The judging will be done by top pro riders. The event is the weekend before
Sea Otter so you can be sure that it will have an International field.

Saturday April 11 - Qualifying - 2 runs, best run counts
Sunday April 12 - Semifinals/air contest in the morning, Finals in the afternoon. There will be a big party and
awards banquet after the finals.
Entry Fee - $100 Click here to register ($150 after March 15)

SUPERSESSION 2009 - April 13-15, 2009, Woodward West
Supersession will be three days between the Superslope contest and the Sea Otter Classic. Supersession
will be 3 days of riding at the premiere action sports training center on the west coast. The entry includes
meals and drinks. Entries are limited to Pro riders who are over 18.
Entry Fee - $180 Click here to register ($225 after March 15).

If you wish to stay in the cabins, it will be $37.50 per night. The cabins are like a camp dorm with bunk beds
with 15 people per cabin. It's a lot of fun and a good bonding experience. You will need to bring a sleeping
bag and pillow if you are staying in the cabins. Click here to register. Enter how many nights you need in
the Quantity space and list the nights you want in the Special Requests.

Hotel rooms are available at the lodge for $100 per night (per room, not per person).
E-mail to get the proper forms.
Check out for more info and directions.


Muffin's Mob

Candy Muffin and his Mob on S. African soil

This custom Riot come from Germany... Moritz Langer built it to weigh 11.5kg 

This is one of the best things about my job... posting photos of blkmrt's from around the world. I never would have thought we'd sell a bike to a kid from Transylvania... and to a Tasmanian.

Here's a few more of your builds from the streets of Germany to a dirt spine in South Africa. Keep'em coming!!! Thanks.  

trails is trails.....

one more Canuck...Eric Lawenuk whips it up.
Sorge clicked and spinning
I should have shot more these guys but I wanted to ride too much to pass it up completely.
Mark Keel still has it...
Sorge was gettin' shit done.
top of the hill at Heath's trails in Lonie Paxton's backyard. 
Heath... hip table
Giant's head stylecat Heath Pinter

This has been a good week for new web content... Jordie Lunn and a crew of Canadians including Ross Measures, Harookz and Kurt Sorge migrated south for few weeks and came to Riverside to ride some dirt. Luckily I was able to meet up with them for the day that started with a 4 hour session at Gavilan. What I thought was going to be a small session doubled  when a few 20" trail riders from the UK called me and linked up with us.

Unfortunately UK ripper, Bob Manchester (he does the most contorted turndowns I've ever seen) clapped his dome on his 2nd run putting him on the sidelines until session 2 at Heath Pinter's trails where he made a full recovery in his flow. Matt Priest was also here reppin' the UK 20" scene for segment bmx.

It was really cool to have a session with 20" & 26" with mutual respect for each others riding and no bad vibes being thrown because of bike choice... trails is trails. Shred'em on your fixie if you got it like that.

Andrew Bigelow!!!!

Andrew Bigelow Industry Edit. from Jake Vanderweyden on Vimeo.

Andrew has been busy shredding while the rest of his country is buried in snow... he's like the Abominable Snowman secretly stalking and filming the parks of the Great White North... that was pretty dumb... but the video kicks ass so watch.   

thanks Andrew....

Cool web edit from Andrew Davies...

Andrew Davies Shredding Rye from Ryan on Vimeo.

Not sure who Andrew Davies is but he flows all over Rye Airfield like its cool.... BTW... Rye looks so much more fun now.... nice job on the rebuild!!! Andrew been on his Mob for 2 years and she's still going strong. Thanks for the video Andrew...

Fontana Winter Series....

I managed a 2nd on the pro podium this time....
More CalTime podium time...
The Orange "Y" locals A.K.A. CalTime Racing
Barry Nelson enjoys his first 26" podium... how old are those kids Barry????

Just walked in the door from racing the ODI/Southridge Winter Series 4 Cross race in Fontana, Ca. where the racing turned out really good due to large amounts of rain making for near perfect conditions on a far from perfect course.

BlkMrkt was well represented by the CalTime BMX team who racked up a few podium finishes in the amateur ranks. I was also able to talk long time friend and past National #1 BMXer "Belt Buckle"
Barry Nelson into trying 4Cross... the "Buckle" did not disappoint as he won every gate he stepped on and well as taking top spot on the expert podium. Not bad for a guy who doesn't own a 4Cross bike... I had to build up my chrome frame for him to race.

Another surprise this week was another name (Dave Langford) from the past who decided he wanted to race this year so after about 6 hours of building bikes for Barry & Dave I was very happy to see them both smokin' fools all day. Dave put a perfect move on Eric Carter and Jake Kinney in the first round leaving Jake to watch the rest of the day.

if you're gonna do it...

one more for good measure...

gotta love this...

... do it right!!! Chris Meleney did... here's another Mob built using a parts kit from a Riot complete. Glad to see your puttin' it to good use ... Chris works at Hank & Frank in Lafayette, Ca.


Dialed.... must be nice....

This one comes from Mondo (BlkMrkt sales manager)... he built this Mob for his girl Kelly Mack. Kelly's a full time 26" XC rider who wanted to improve her bikes skills and what better way than to get on the track??? Get your gear... Kelly will see you on the gate. 

everyday heros.....

Ratt Bones throws a stylish t bog... take notice of the wheel actually being turned 90 or there bout'...

I've been meaning to put this up for a while... this is Ratt Bones. Ratt is true street and is holding it down on the mean streets of LA... just look for the guy in the Misfits gloves grinding a rail. 


Ian Kidder sent in his OG first generation Mob... no brake brace or fancy laser cut anything here... just clean steel. 

Adam spotted in the West....

Adam spins over Cob's place in Aptos... photo Justin Brantley
Lately everyone who owns a 26" has been in Aptos ssshhhhreding and with new spots popping up weekly... there's no end in site!!!! I'm jealous as fuck!!!

Adam and Chase flew into Cali. last week but I was out of town and missed hooking up with them... but, I found this one on shot by Justin Brantley a couple of days ago.

2009 Chrome Mobs are available

Here she is... 

2009 is going to be a good year and here's our first release for 09... The chrome Mob is the first to receive the newest addition to an already beautiful frame... a custom headbadge that was originally handmade in New Mexico by a very talented artist whose name I can't recall at the moment. 

The reason I mention this is Solano Avenue Cyclery out of Albany, CA. took the time to build up this Mob using the parts kit from the 2009 Riot complete... nice work!!! I love this!!! Thanks guys!!!



Matt's whip.

High in Vegas.... not very Mormon like

Matt Jamison from St. George Utah sent in a few pics from a recent shredtrip to Vegas where you can find anything for the right price... specially when you're from Utah, right Matt???

Norway represent!!!

Adrian Tell Promo from Slacker Import on Vimeo.

I just received an e mail from our distributor in Norway at Slacker Import or www. with a nice web edit of Norway's own Adrian Tell ripping it up on a bone stock .three57... not bad at all!!!! Thanks guys!!!!


Time to celebrate life!!!!

These 2 wrote the book...
Much better day today, thank you Stephen!!!Big turn out in HB for Murray... "Stay Strong" side note: see how many faces your recognize from BMX mags if you're truly as down as you think... there are some sleepers in there.
OG SHL's... Nasty, G-Man & Freddie Chulo came down to party West Coast Winter style...


After yesterday's horrific news about Ed Bonnin, I was so happy to meet up with a bunch of SHL's from the past & present in celebrating Stephen Murray's birthday with a Pacific Ocean sunset BBQ. Tara Llanes and her mom Barb showed up and she looked amazing... she and Stephen are both in great spirits, have lots of support from friends and family but still need help via donations to their respective foundations... give Stephen a birthday gift : )


R.I.P. Ed Bonnin... you will be missed...

Ride on...
Ed Bonnin R.I.P. 01~07~09

It's 6:40 am on Friday morning and I wish I would have slept a lot longer. First thing I did was check my e mail only to read the tragic news that Ed Bonnin pasted away Wednesday night. Sadly and  apparently, Ed took his own life although the details are unclear. Ed was a driving force in the Aussie 26" scene with talent and style for days. WTF!!!???!!! My most heart felt condolences go out to the Bonnin family, I'm gonna go ride and remember my friend....


Gday Carter

Im a mate of Ed Bonnin's and just thought I would contact you, as he use to rave about blackmarket bikes! But anyhow, if you havent heard - Ed passed away Wednesday night. Unfortunately Ed took his own life, the circumstances that surround this are fairly sketchy. The kid was full of beans and had a personality to be jealous of and the skills to match…….tragic loss.

All the best

Peter Davey
Human Resource Services
Shared Services
0438 329 843

Tasmanian Polytechnic, Tasmanian Academy, Tasmanian Skills Institute