Waste not want not....

Is this really important enough to be printed on every receipt??? Didn't I just read it on the screen???
This is ridiculous...

I know this doesn't have anything to do with bikes, berms or booze but... I have a gripe. Everybody agrees our planet is in some form of crisis, Whether it's the fuel shortage, over population, pollution, starvation or saving the whales, we're having issues. This is a minor complaint too but an easy one to fix that could actually make an enormous difference one printer at a time.

Yeah, I said printer... so, here it is.

I do part of my business thru this amazing thing called the internet, it can take you anywhere you can ever dream up, tell you how fat Britney's ass is getting and even teach use foreign languages in only 30 min a day. But why can't I print out a receipt from RayRal ( the names were changed to protect the innocent and me from being sued.) on a single piece of paper. I'm guessing about 90% of the receipts or confirmations I print out come as 2 pages and the 2nd page is 99% frivolous bullshit. Come on P... oops... RayPal, Rexpedia, Riceline... get on the program... one page receipts... save the world one printer at a time or at least a lot of paper.

I have in fact called RayRal and spoke to someone who actually listened to my rant about the fact the only piece of information on that 2nd 1/4 filled piece of dead tree is my customers phone number... I might need that, so it gets printed and stapled together.

Solution... pay one of your IT guys to fix the 2 page crap and save a staple!!! and Give Blood...

Now that was a waste of time.


Claymore Challenge

One more of Cam showing the way to win...
Justin Wyper stepping down or stepping it up???
Most of the pro finalists
Clint McMahon came so close to pulling this and finished 5th overall... not to mention the mullet.
Cam in the middle of a big 3 in his winning run
These guys came to party....
Andrew Taylor throws down a Superflip on FreeBird
AC hipflips into 3rd
Dave's weapon of choice
Mark Hayes and the event namesake and trophy... the Claymore sword
1/4 pipe options
The Wall and Shred Shed in the back ground
Overview from the Lodge... like I said... options
The Highland SS from the hip landing above turn 2

Hoo F'n Ray!!!... 2008 has finally brought some events to the States on par with Canada and Europe! First there was the Wham Bam... more a glorified jump contest than a slopestyle... then the Teva Mountain Games... a fun low impact event but not quite a true slopestyle but getting better every year... then Crank Worx Colorado, a one line event and definitely a mountain bike course... now this... The Claymore Challenge held this weekend at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire.

The Highland's crew lead by owner Mark Hayes and designer/rider Dave Smutok, built a sick slopestyle course with numerous choices of how to get down the hill both big and small. Dave built a course that traversed Highland mountain starting with 3 lips (options 1-3) stepping down of varing heights and lengths with most pros choosing the middle line setting them up for bermzilla #1 and into big 90 hip to the right with 2 (options 4-5) different lips side by side. After blasting the hip, a 25’ tall landing carried you into berm 2 which brought the rider to a dirt jump where again the rider could choose from either a 10’ or 16’ gap (options 6-7) where upon landing we had yet more options… an 8’ quarter you could choose (options 8-9) to air as a 1/4 or boost out of the top left corner into a fast downhill left hand 90 berm. If you aired the 1/4 you then hit an S turn that takes you to a beautiful 8’ dirt spine which again led to more options, if you hit the 1/4 hip into the berm you could hit the biggest jump on the course a 25footer with a Quick 8’ lip.

This brings the option count to 11 and that doesn’t include the fact you could use the spine to transfer to the dirt jump landing or attempt to blast away into a hip landing on the far left. All of these options deliver you to the wall. A huge wall with mutiple… you guessed it…Options. I’m not even going to bother naming those but our tally is easily 17 at this point.

Now the final 2 obstacles are literally loaded with choices. Aaron Chase designed the “Shred Shed”… to be basically a building with a pitched roof 30’ wide and 50’ long completely surrounded by lips and landings for a full 360 degrees… which brings us to the “Freebird”… a giant dirt… uh… bird that again acts as lip or landing from almost anywhere you can imagine!!! The last day I was there the water dried up and the dirt was fast and tacky.

This course was full of imagination and fun to ride… had it not been for the week of torrential rain days before the contest the potential for the best event ever was clearly a possibility. Dave and his crew worked long and hard repairing the rain damage and taming the 6” thick layer of “buffalo skin” that threatened to slow us to a craw in some places.

The finals were insane as tricks went down off of everything... Clint McMahon surprised everyone when he dropped in with a huge bag of tricks including hipflips in both directions and flipping the start drop & tailwhips... he came close to a flipwhip but never quite got it under him. Phil rode well with a big 3 transfer from the the spine to a landing of the big jump as well as big airs on the 1/4 and 3'ing the FreeBird. Aaron rode into 3rd with a beautiful hip flip, a 3 transfer on the spine earning a dagger for his efforts. AT took home the 2nd place sword with Superflips, a huge tailwhip on FreeBird and extended Indian airs on the first hip. C-Mac was unstoppable as he flipped into the course every run... dumped 270 on the hip, Superflip the 1st dub, downside whip the 1/4 step-down. His ridiculous 3 on FreeBird sealed the deal and got his dowsed in champagne, thrown in a lake/pond thing and shot in the head with fireworks... Nice job Cam!!! 

Adam rode well in qualifying but crashes in both final runs kept him off the podium this weekend but he did stomp a 650 on the hip as well as a perfect 270 whip directly after hitting his head... the 270 made him so dizzy he had to end his run early. 

I’m sure this event is going to be a huge invitation only event soon but at least the course is open to the public and fun as hell!!! Mark, Dave and the rest of the Highland Mountain crew pulled an amazing event… can’t wait to come back next year or in Oct. for their jump jam.


1. Cameron McCaul
2. Andrew Taylor
3. Aaron Chase
4. Phil Sunbaum
5. Clinton McMahon
6. Tyler McCaul
7. Jamie Goldman
8. Justin Wyper
9. Adam Hauck
10. George Ryan
11. Dane Berke

Post Office Photo Jam this weekend...

Up and coming photog Jason Peters is sending a message to all... read on and ride on.

I am calling out to everyone who rips post office to a photo shoot Sunday July 27th.
That's right, this is all about the up and coming riders, come hang out with your friends and fellow riders all while getting some sick pictures and footage! This shoot is open to everyone, photographers, filmers, riders and there is no charge for anyone. But I would like to know how many people are coming down. So if you plan on riding with us let me know! Also if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Who: You the rider's and us the photographer's
What: Post Office Photo shoot
When: Sunday July 27th at 2PM until sunset
Where: Post Office Dirt Jumps in Aptos, CA


Here's a few more rides sent in recently by Black Market family members far and wide.

Adam's Beast

Here's the break down on Adam's dominating Mob for 2008

Frame: Black Market mob 21.5
Fork: X-fusion Velvet R 60mm
Stem: Black Market
Bars: Black Market uncut
Grips: Adam Hauck grip
Brakes: Saint with a custom Danger boy lever
Wheel: Mavic D-max
Tires: Tioga
Cranks: Diety 08
Sporket: Black Market 28tooth
Pedals: Animal sealed
Seat: SDG Sky Lite
Post: SDG
Bar ends: Diety
Rotor :4inch Avid
Chain: KMC light weight
Extras: drilled holes in one layer of the rim between each spoke, 2 small spacers under the stem, torex rear axel bolts, cut post, piece of grip between sproket and bottom bracket so cranks don’t spin.

Cool Sea Otter video from Theo... stolen from Littermag.com stolen from...???

Adam's winning speed trials at Teva

This rocks!!!!

Avoriaz Roof n' Slopestyle results... finally

Avoriaz Slopestyle Podium 2008!!! And JIJI

Yannick with a big tuck no hand flip during the best trick event.

Braun Roof’n Slopestyle Avoriaz 2008 :
1 - Sam Pilgrim 8,4
2 - Cam McCaul 7,9
3 - Yannick Granieri 7,8
4 - Amir Kabbani 7,7
5 - Tom Cauquil 7,3
6 - Darren Berrecloth 7,1
7 - David Desnoes 6,9
8 - Johan Duchaine 6,5
9 - Pierre Edouard Ferry 6,4
10 - Anthony Tomassi 6,3
11 - Carter Holland 6,2
12 - Christopher Hatton 6,1
13 - Ben Boyko 6,0
14 - Carlo Dieckman 5,9
15 - Simon Bonicel 5,5

spots 16-30 something till unknown

Avoriaz video

Lisa's Race report for July

After the 2006 Single Slalom World Championships made a mockery of NORBA's gated racing in Deer Valley, the race promoters decided to adjust the format a little bit. They re-instituted dual slalom - enough said.

The course was short but fun, fast and turny. It started with some brake-bump rollers into a double and set of fast berms into some awesome flat corners. From there you had a double to roller or triple or any combination of manual/jump there within. It slammed you pretty quick into a left-hand berm. From there you had a lip to table then a fast right-hand berm. You finished up on a series of 7 or so haggard rollers. If you messed up, there was no time to recover — the finish came quick. The course can always be better and bigger, but it challenged me and I didn't want to stop riding it, so I'll take it.

"Goldie" my Black Market slalom race frame was by far the bike of choice for this course. Some riders were digging suspension bikes, but that hardtail railed the corners and manuals so good that there's no way I would want to run suspension. I had the Fox Float set up at 90-mm travel and fairly stiff — it tracked beautifully.

The racing went by quickly. Jackie Harmony put up a brilliant race, but malled here shins with her pedal and tweaked out an already bummed knee. The closest race of the evening, had to have been between Leanna Gerrard and I. Hundredths of seconds separated our cumulatively time. But Goldie took it by a tire knob;-) Then I got to race world-champ Buhly. She got me both rounds, but it was fast heated racing and I was closer to catching her this year then last.

Some of the best riding didn't even go down at the race venue. The local jump park, partially built and maintained by Eric Porter, saw an awesome evening session Friday night. Racers came out to throw down their best whips and scrubs and we all shredded till the sunset — such a good break from the race scene.

Here are the results:

Pro Women:
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Lisa Myklak
3. Leanna Gerrard
4. Joanna Petterson
5. Jessica Vogt
6. Jackie Harmony
7. Leslie Slagle
8. Darian Harvey

Pro Men:
1. Cameron cole
2. Petr Hanak
3. Chris Boice
4. Aaron Gwin
5. Mike Haderer
6. Ryan Condrashoff
7. Logan Binggeli
8. Orlando Martinez

2008 Avoriaz Roof n' Slopestyle results and photos

This is getting redundent with Sam... but this is huge! 
Yannick sticking one of many flips during the weekend 
This gap drops you from one roof to another then to the street for the final 2 jumps. Unknown Frenchy.
Gap on to the roof... this got tricked most of the time but this was the only shot I got of it.
Carlo Dieckman braves the cable bridge leading to 2 step- downs in a row bringing the riders back to the street level... a total of 13 possible obstacles to trick either up or down as we rode thru the Avoriaz Village.
Sam Pilgrim rode ok... I guess. 1st in best trick and slopestyle... if Sam is one of your mates... make him buy the beer... he can afford it!!!
The French Alps were amazing to see.
Pom Pom girls shakin' that ass...
Simon and his Riot... 
Claw 3 drops on the JumboTron and into 6th place
Hub Drop...
Flip whip by Rodolphe Legendre during the best trick event.
super whip during best trick... sorry I don't know some of the French riders names but they killed it...
BS Trading's booth and their BlkMrkt display
Jerome and his french crew
riders contemplate the effects of dropping into mud and hitting a slick quarter at mach 1
Ben's choice of taking a 5" bike probably kept him from scoring higher but this 3 drop was perfect. 
The Claw...1 hand 3 tables the last set during SS

I just got home from an incredible trip!!! Avoriaz mountain in the French Alps. First, I'd like to thanks JIJI for inviting me and putting on an amazing event. It had its rough spots though... mainly due to Mother Nature raining and snowing on our parade but it cleared up just in time and was beautiful for the actual contest. Practice was limited and sporadic because of rain and the crew working their asses off to repair the damage.

The first event was the best trick jam held at 11 pm on the last jump in front of thousands of French bike fans and it was out of control... fireworks, dancers (in booty shorts) and shredders... what more could you ask for??? Sam Pilgrim managed to hold off the slew of international talent as they threw everything they had at him. Three whips, double whips, no foot can flips, tuck no handed flips, flip whips, superman flips... the trick list was stacked to say the least and the level of riding was crazy.  

The Roof n' Slopestyle took place the following day under bluebird skies and once again Sam Pilgrim showed everyone what's up. Sam's winning run went something like this... 1 foot x the Mavic Hub Drop... flair on the 9' quarter... tailwhip the scaffold step-up... tuck no down... something I didn't see on the hip... t whip the roof step-up... nada on the little roof top dirt jump... missed a tuck no on the roof to roof step-down... 1 foot x the roof to ground step-down... big flip on the first set and 3 table the last.  

Top three Slopestyle

1st Sam Pilgrim

2nd CAm McCaul

3rd Yannick

This was an awesome event barring the rain and mud...

As soon as I retrieve the full results I'll post them


photos by carter holland


Arena Mountain Cross in Vegas at I Bike

One of the things I am most looking forward this year at I-Bike is Don Jackson's newest creation... Arena Mountain Corss racing at the South Point Hotel and Casino in bright and shinny Las Vegas. This will be the first time mountain cross has taken center stage in the U.S. that I know of... so get a ticket and bring your cow bell. Here's the link... www.arenamtn-x.com

Bon Jour from the French Alps...

After 22 hours of travel and no sleep for almost 2 full days, I've made it to Avoriaz in the French Alps for the Braun Roof'n Slopestyle that will take place in the ski village almost 2000 meters in the French air. 

Here's a quick look at the course which we will drop into after riding thru a giant Mavic Hub... this will take the rider to a 9' quarter with a wall ride or hip... from here we will hit a 7' kicker to a scaffold with 2 options... #1 pedal straight to a small kicker with 9' drop and 20' gap or #2 is a 4' street spine with wall ride to a 8' drop... this directs the rider to nice right hand hip then into the roof'n part... here a kicker will put the rider on the roof section on top of the tourism building where there are 2 small dirt jumps, a cable bridge to a small step-down with a dirt landing to a drop sending the rider back to the ground and into the final obstacles... 2 wood kicker to dirt landing jump

This is the first time a course has looked exactly as shown in the flier... and it looks pretty damn good. We're just hoping for the rain to stop and the sun to come out and dry the course before Monday and Tuesday. Those are the days of the event. 

So far I've seen Boyko (who is still waiting for his clothes and bike to arrive from the airport or whereever it ended up), The Claw, Chris Smith, Sam Pilgrim and a few others roaming around the village waiting for sun. 

Oh yeah... once again I failed to bring a jacket because when I left Slo Cal it was 95 and summer!

Hope you're all having a good weekend riding your bikes...



Reader photos...

Mo tuck No...

Here's a few pics from Mo in Germany and his custom painted Riot in action.