everyday heros... Little Siagon

Travis Ohrazda is not only an animal in the park or on street but he was also a US Olympic Team member for BMX in the 2008 Summer Games. Here's a sequence of a "I just rolled in" ledge nose press because he can. For a park with about 1500 sq. feet of space it pumps out a lot of good locals.

This is Hannah Zanzi and though she's only 16 and rips on a bike you might not ever see her on one... unless she barrows it long enough to throw a tuck no hander out of the quarter pipe fly out or a clicked lookback 180 because she's a skater. In every sense of the word, a skater... Hannah will drop in and shred every part of the park at full speed. Kick flips, five O to revert, slashing grinds and with true Tony Trujillo style. She's definitely a crowd favorite on the deck.