SD Represent!!!!

Rick is probably going to get milk in this photo...
you never know what's gonna happen in Rick's livingroom...

This is the beginning of the end...
notice the floor and the guy's head in the back lurkin'... I think Brian Miller is 12.

just a taste.....

Ricks Party from alex Reveles on Vimeo.

A couple of years ago I was shooting pool in Whistler at the Long Horn during CrankWorx. I was drunk off my ass and having a great time when I met Rick Nolte... we proceeded to run the table until I may or may not have been asked to leave??? Hmmm....

SO... over the past year I've become pretty close friends with Rick and I've really come to respect his style and confidence both on & off his bike... I watched as he rolled out of his house cold, pedaled to the corner hopped 180 and performed a eh... 1/2 mile roll back AT SPEED. All the while chatting with me, making eye contact... taking his feet off. RETARDED bike control!!!

Rickdiculous has a plethora of Unique, Original tricks like high speed no-foot can manuals or the crazy full speed downhill nose wheelie across the street(timed with the light) pivot 180 to fakie x-up ride to half cab out or so he say...

I've also witness the insanity of his 39th birthday with guest rap superstar "T-Sage". Unfortunately for Rick's hard wood floors... Rick celebrated with lots of household baking and cooking ingredients which wound up everywhere!!! Mixed in was a Liberal... no...GENEROUS amount of liquor, beer... etc. Thus creating a new form of floor covering/concrete!!! Rick's not stoked on his new decor but he'll get used to it. Although Rick lost the Battle of the Old Guys (you can't beat Chuck Norris) that night, he beat the party out of everyone else.

Atomlab has been supporting Rick as he and Nick Brandreth from have teamed up doing small grassroots street and dirt jams around the country and pulling off some pretty fun events on little to no notice... you can find all their event info past & future at
So, get on that site and check him out!!!

Rick is just one of the many people I've had the pleasure to get to know through traveling & riding my bike and I'm very grateful for those opportunities and I am looking forward to the New Year!!!


Swedish Cartel...

Emil Moberg just sent in this slick black machine from Sweden... here's his build list too...

The parts:
Frame: Black Market Mob
Fork: A Modyfied Fox Float 36
Whels: Mavic Deetracks 26``
Tyres: Schwble Table top Light
Cranks: Profile with Titanium Axel with a Demoltion M5 Light 28t
Pedales: Mcneil Slipless 9/16 Pedal
Seat and Seatpost: Pivotal
Brake: Avid Juicy Ultimate
Chain: Half link
Handlebar: NS District Low rise
Headset: Simple integread Headset
Stem: Spank 2 steam bikes light
singelspeed: 24bikes 12t


Here's a few photos I poached off of last night of  Nor Cal shredder and all around style cat Trevor Perelson riding the prototype Contraband 24" specific frame... Trevor is recovering from a broken elbow right now... 



Sorry, but your e mail is missing but here's your Riot build looking mean.

Joe Stewart's new Mob built up just in time for the South Ridge Winter Series and the Orange "Y" BMX mountain cross racing on Friday nights... see you on the gate!

Here's a couple of builds I've received as of late... I have just switched laptops and lost a lot of older e mails and photos... if you've submitted something and haven't seen it up yet or have something to submit please re-send it to


Happy Holidays!!!!

3 Shades of Black

This sleek machine belongs to Malte Wolter from Germany... love this!!!

by the way... look up that song, 3 Shades of Black by Hank III

I hate Rain!!!!


Can't wait to Ride!!!

New soft goods available now...

Dagger shoulder print
Dagger L/S front


Just in time for last minute "Holiday Shopping"... (I don't want to offend) the new Dagger long sleeve and KnuckleUp Flex Fit hats are now available at your shop and online merchants. 
Happy Quanza!!!!

everyday heros... Little Siagon

Travis Ohrazda is not only an animal in the park or on street but he was also a US Olympic Team member for BMX in the 2008 Summer Games. Here's a sequence of a "I just rolled in" ledge nose press because he can. For a park with about 1500 sq. feet of space it pumps out a lot of good locals.

This is Hannah Zanzi and though she's only 16 and rips on a bike you might not ever see her on one... unless she barrows it long enough to throw a tuck no hander out of the quarter pipe fly out or a clicked lookback 180 because she's a skater. In every sense of the word, a skater... Hannah will drop in and shred every part of the park at full speed. Kick flips, five O to revert, slashing grinds and with true Tony Trujillo style. She's definitely a crowd favorite on the deck.

Adam Hauck goes under the knife!!!

Sonja and Adam....
That creepy Burger King guy is everywhere...
Baby Face Hauck.....
Adam went under the knife on Friday but don't sweat it... it was not that serious. I think Sonja just got tired of Adam's snoring... Adam and his nose are recovering nicely from deviated septum surgery and should be back to his handsome self soon. Get well Adam!!!

Bye, bye, Bettie bye, bye...

Heaven & Hell
Bettie will live on forever in different works of art from tattoos to custom cars and everything in between.

Bettie Page pasted away in Calif. of complications on Friday from a heart attack she suffered 8 days earlier. She was an American Icon for decades and one of the original Pin-Up girls. Bettie was 85.


everyday heros.....

More to come...

Travis Ohrazda rides fast, smooth and stylish whether its park, street or as a US Olympic Elite BMX team member... he's good.

This is Billy somebody twisting a lookback off one of the best hips in So. Cal.

For the last 2 days I went out to the local skateparks to ride and blow off some steam and being the responsible blogger ( WTF does that mean???), I remembered to bring my camera. Here's a small taste of the local shredders OC has to offer... more and more kids are showing up on bikes of all sizes. The more bikes the better!!!  

Go ride and send me some photos!!!


New limited edition BlkMrkt Knuckle-Up Flex Fit semi-fitted hats are in...

Mondo models the latest in winter threads...

We've been waiting for this hat and it made it just in time for a nice stocking stuffer. Get to your local shop, get one and stuff it.

New Market???

White Market...
Brandon aboard his Riot Snow Bike...
I guess some people never get enough trail riding... this is Brandon Schmidt from the Winter Park area of Colorado. He's been working with LenzSport on snowbikes and he built up his own using a Riot frame... not too sure what I think of this yet but seems like it could be fun... if not dangerous.

S&M Video Premiere Dec. 20th

Check it......


Hucker dumped damn it!!! By Carter
Boyko spins the hub drop in Avoriaz France photo by Carter
Bafus killin' the New Mexico desert... photo by Caveman
Ed Bonnin dumps one down unda.
Brian Miller can... sorry, no credit info yet.

Gavilan local and the major builder... Bo whips...
J Work with a huge step-down tuck at Sunday's for Caveman's lens.....

just something for you to look at.....


Great White North

one more for the road......
One day I'll learn these... until Andrew's got it handled. 
Big boy... big fuf... Bigelow
Andrew Bigelow just sent down some photos and tells me he's working on a web edit right now, so stay tuned.


San Francisco

When spiders attack???
Jim... 180 that.
Freaks come out at night...
I made Jim 180 everything in sight
Mustache ride by Jim Tharp

Happy monday... just finished the drive home from San Francisco where Jim Tharp and I went to the Ride SFO VeloSwap over the weekend. Phil Segura and his boys put on a really good event with a vendor area, swap meet, Sprint races on fixie trainers as well as a crew of Nor Cal BMXer's who brought their semi-portable street course with 2 quarters at either end of the course, a shady box jump, 2 more quarters set up as a hip and wall ride, elevated wedge to picnic table to wedge and some other random obstacles.

I had way too much crap with me to bring my camera in the show but Jim and I rode SF on saturday night and got a few cool photos while avoiding giant spiders and security guards...