Hazy Shade of Winter...

these things run amuck in the fall on the trails in Lo. Cal.

Carter 1 foot euro... photo by Sergio
TJ Ellis dips... by Sergio
... to this opo 1 foot table 3.... did you get that?                             by Sergio
Mike spins this 3 table...                   by Sergio
The full rigid Contraband's first day in the dirt was a good one. by Sergio
Sergio with a different angle on Hucker's 3
Huckstick dumped damn it... 

Yesterday I made time to get out to the trails with Hucker, Pedro, TJ Ellis, Fernando and a few foreign pro BMX racers. It was a beautiful November morning, no clouds and blue skies with Hucker spinning the most ridiculous 3's over the biggest/steepest set while giant spiders took over the yard... well, 1 big tarantula got harassed by a bunch of humans. 

Today was also the first day on the new rigid Tech 9 fork... more to come on that subject shortly. The Contraband is undergoing some mods before final production. Details soon.