Adam T Bogs at 8 AM
If you're not at the jam next weekend... you lose!!!
Ryan Howard throws a signature shoulder buzz

T Mac dives into the hip.
Jim Tharp is so steezy its not fair.
Hauck 3's the PO trails...
Adam feels out the new hip in the desert heat and wind... early sessions are pretty much mandatory.
Hancock with a heated invert
With Adam in town its time for some serious miles on my Tacoma so we started with old faithful... Gavilan, A.K.A. Nasty's in the 909. Thomas Hancock joined us in what turned into the hottest day of the trip. From here we headed up to Nor. Cal. in an attempt to escape the heat.

Adam and I made it to Aptos where I finally got to ride the Post Office when it was good... and it was good!!! The city and development company that own the lot have really helped the locals get the spot dialed with a new roll-in and water... Jamie Goldman even bought a Bobcat to build with and can leave it on the property... DAMN!!!

We got there at about 4:30 and the shred fest went until dark. Local rippers Ryan Howard, Alex Reveles, Jesse Nickel, Greg Watts, Jim Tharp and Brian Miller all showed up to ride with us. I mainly shot photos due to a massive dehydration headache after about an hour. After that we followed Brian to Marin to ride 101 and Ramp Rats. Unfortunately 101 let me down again and with the water source and potential that place has to be sick but... NOPE! Here's some of the action.

All photos by Carter Holland