Home front...

3 T-bog... on what's left of his sprocket...

Adam spins a stylish 3 table for the New World crew and Hylands.
Check out ArenaMtn_x.com for more 4X racing info... yes!!! A real series!!!
Support your local events fockers!!!! We'll be there... will you?
gettin' used to the 24...
Early morning nose dives are the shit!

Just a quick update of things around here. We're right in the middle of preparations for another wonderful year at Interbike but I'm pretty stoked with everything we're bringing to the table. For 09 you can count on 2 completes, new bars & stems, new seats, new fork and the Contraband 24" specific frame that's currently undergoing testing.

We're sponsoring a local (if you call 6 hours one way local) jump jam in Santa Cruz on Oct. 11... check it out! I'll be roadtrippin' up there to ride with Jim Tharp, Brian Miller and the rest of the Nor Cal shredders... but I'm bringin' ringers bitches so beware! Let the Nor Cal/ So Cal feud begin... damn hippies.

In other exciting Black Market news... I've been training for the premiere of Arena Mtn-X which will happen on Weds. Sept. 24 at the South Coast Casino in fabulous Las Vegas. Somehow How I was invited... personally I think Don got me confused with Eric Carter. It wouldn't be the first time someone mistook me for him or Cowan... laugh it up Jersey boy!!!

Speaking of Jersey... Adam is currently fliming his part for the next installment of the New World flicks with Aaron Chase back in the Garden State. Ian Hylands (new Daddy) is there shooting stills and sent over a couple for the site... this shit is fresh... like you stepped in it today!!!