New stuff

Here's a quick update with a couple of new things now available at your local shop.

Adam Hauck's signature grips now available in hunter orange and gray to go along with the orange mobs that are arriving this week.

I've also got a limited number of Black Market Pint glasses to enjoy your frosty beverage of choice. E mail for glass for info.

InterBike 08

The Mob makes the "Big Time" at Shimano... Thanks to Dustin Brady and Chad Roberts

Proper booth this year...
Bros. broin' down

Adam's 09 mob... bright and shiny... 26.2 lbs

Another IBike has packed it's shit and left the building. It was a damn good show too!!! I had the honor to race in the first ever Arena Mtn-X in front of 300 sort of screaming race fans. Although the race took place on the busiest night of InterBike against the likes of Lance Armstrong racing cyclo-cross and the world premiere of New World Disorder: Never Enough at the Playboy Club with an VIP open bar... the racing was still awesome!!!

I did pretty well winning my first round, 2nd in the 2nd round. I've been training for this race for the past 4 weeks and it paid off. I holeshoted a few rounds only to make mistakes in the first turn... over and over again. In my 3rd round I pulled Minnar to the first turn but let him inside and he hit me hard enough to pop me out of my pedals... I hate flat turns!!!

Everyone who attended was treated to fast exciting race action with lots of bumping and passing. The course had a fast technical first straight with a 20' step up in to a 15' log double into a 3rd set of doubles landing directly into the first left hand 90 with lots of flat on the inside to protect. As you came out of the turn 1 you hit a tall, tight set of rollers into another semi-flat turn to a wierd roller hump that you used for speed to hit a gnarly rock garden with rocks so sharp they make you want to punch a baby... Many pinch flats were issued here with out warning or prejudice. Just as you exited the mound of razor back rocks we ran head long into 3 12" logs in "Z" formation sticking 8" out of the ground for your pluse raising enjoyment. UCI 4 Cross World Champion Rafael Alvarez felt the sting of this particular form of torture on 2 occasions... one of them leaving a welt on his head after the scorpion he performed on the log floom. Then a quick left bank into a 3' high pile of logs to bump jump you across the finish line to flat. It was pretty cool and looks to be a hopeful addition to gated mtb events in the future.

The show was great... our new products were a hit I think.... the booth looked great... the Mob was voted Best of the by the readers for dirt jump/ 4 crosser. The copycats were out in force... complete with bb mounted bottle openers and lots of Mob inspired geometry and style.

Here's a couple of links to check out too.


Aptos Jump Jam is coming!!! Check it out...

Sin City Jam 'SIN CITY JAM' - Las Vegas - Saturday, September 27

- - Atomlab - Black Market - - Profile - Hoven - Deity - Dobermann Bikes - Tonic Fab
- with more sponsors to be added -

Questions? contact

We're doing it again - the Saturday after Interbike! Come ride one of the best skateparks ever. It will be a 'down-and-dirty' morning session with coffee and donuts. There will be a ton of cash and swag.

Entry fee is $25 and includes coffee and donuts. Don't forget to pre-register. Registration will be $30 on Saturday morning. Register for the event at or at the Atomlab/Blk Market Interbike booth (#2459)

Practice will be 9am-10:45am and the comp will start at 11am. Sorry for the early times, but Vegas gets very hot in the afternoon.

We will have a Pro Class, Expert Class, Womens Class - Women will session with the Expert Class.

Vegas Baby!!!

Here we go again... Vegas, the Double Down, Circle Bar... you know where we'll be. See you there.



This is Leo Combee's 21.5 lb. Mob!!!

straight street here from Cornwall UK
Logan is all about speed
Logan Binggeli's off duty weapon
I lost the info on this .three57

I'm pretty stoked right now... I've been getting some dope bike pics lately and it's time for show and tell.... Keep em' coming.

2009 Black Market Product catalog online version

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Page 2
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Page 4
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Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
We just finished the 2009 Black Market Product Catalog and here's online version for those of you who won't get to walk around miles and miles of tricycles, fenders and the newest craze from Europe... edible bike shorts, can't wait to do a few miles in mine... enjoy!!!

Please e mail comments or suggestions to

New colors for the Mob

sexy new bridges... 
New DT Gussett

The new Mob is here and ready for your shredding. We've been slowly making changes over the past few months as materials became available... here's a list of changes that have already been implemented: 
new 2.5 oz. lighter head tube 
new lighter and smaller OD downtube
new smaller lighter laser cut chainstay/seatstay bridges and brake brace
new stamped logo DT gussett

color choices for fall 2008... Mobs only... subject to change

Hunter Orange
Chrome (75.00 up charge for chrome) Limited numbers

More to come...

Home front...

3 T-bog... on what's left of his sprocket...

Adam spins a stylish 3 table for the New World crew and Hylands.
Check out for more 4X racing info... yes!!! A real series!!!
Support your local events fockers!!!! We'll be there... will you?
gettin' used to the 24...
Early morning nose dives are the shit!

Just a quick update of things around here. We're right in the middle of preparations for another wonderful year at Interbike but I'm pretty stoked with everything we're bringing to the table. For 09 you can count on 2 completes, new bars & stems, new seats, new fork and the Contraband 24" specific frame that's currently undergoing testing.

We're sponsoring a local (if you call 6 hours one way local) jump jam in Santa Cruz on Oct. 11... check it out! I'll be roadtrippin' up there to ride with Jim Tharp, Brian Miller and the rest of the Nor Cal shredders... but I'm bringin' ringers bitches so beware! Let the Nor Cal/ So Cal feud begin... damn hippies.

In other exciting Black Market news... I've been training for the premiere of Arena Mtn-X which will happen on Weds. Sept. 24 at the South Coast Casino in fabulous Las Vegas. Somehow How I was invited... personally I think Don got me confused with Eric Carter. It wouldn't be the first time someone mistook me for him or Cowan... laugh it up Jersey boy!!!

Speaking of Jersey... Adam is currently fliming his part for the next installment of the New World flicks with Aaron Chase back in the Garden State. Ian Hylands (new Daddy) is there shooting stills and sent over a couple for the site... this shit is fresh... like you stepped in it today!!!