Psssttt... look what I have down here....

polished in 25.4mm only available now in limited quantities and selling fast!!!!

Big motha's... the new 31.8mm Underboss arriving soon
3" X 25.4mm
2" X 25.4mm

2" BadaBoom black 31.8mm

31.8mm 1.5"x30" BadaBoom in gunmetal & red

2009 Sneak peak photos of our next evolution in the parts market... the BadaBoom bars will be replacing the popular BadaBing bars. These puppies are sweet and stiff without leaving you feeling bloated. The flavors du jour are... ano red, ano black and ano gunmetal.  

Another tasty bit of 7075 t-6 aluminum for you... 31.8mmmmmm. Yup, 31.8mm and 25.4 mm Underboss stems & bars on the rack from now on and full cnc'd is back, in a big shiny way... limited number of full polished American made versions as well as black and red are in stock and shipping( Gunmetal will be available in Oct. along with all the other 2009 Black Market products). Also, be on the lookout for other American made limited stems on the trail. 31.8's available in 1.5" x 30" or 2" x 29" while the 25.4' will come in 2 & 3" as always but with improved internal butting profiles for a stronger bar.   

* Please Note All Bars and 31.8mm Stems Not Available Until Oct. 25.4mm Stems Available Now*