3000 miles and a sack of jerky...

Zink!!! You're a maniac!!! 
Lance McDermott pulling this ridiculous shitte perfectly... thankfully!!! Yes... this is a front flip!
Trond throwing the biggest frontie I've ever seen... Slopestyle is no joke!!!
Jamie Goldman kicks a native American in BC... 
Andreu's flip table in qualifing.
Brandon Seminuk has become the smoothest guy on the course everywhere he goes... 3rd 

I've noticed the only time I eat jerky is in the middle of a grueling roadtrip like last week's solo journey to Whistler and back to watch Adam compete in Crankworx. 

The trip started out ok and that lasted until hour 14 of straight driving where the 5 North's 2 lanes came to a grinding halt 8 miles away from an accident. We crawled along at 2-3 mph for about 30 min. where I decided it was time for a detour and as it happens every time you second guess your original plan... my detour was painfully slow and surely took more time than staying in the herd. I finally arrived in Portland at midnight and after 18 hours behind the wheel. After 5 hours of much needed rest at Aaron Lutze's house... (thanks!!!) I headed out for another 7 hour leg to Whistler.

Once I got to Whistler I met up with Adam, Kyle Ebbett, Dave Smutok and George Ryan Decline party at the GLC, where Theo's new dvd "Floatin'" was getting it's first official premiere... if you haven't seen this yet... get it!!! Sick riding and old school rock... it doesn't get any better. The rockin' didn't stop there... oh no!!! Led Zeppelin tribute band until 3 AM and a morning of puking to go with it. Don't go drinking on an empty stomach after 2 days of driving.
Just an observation.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to ride the course because it looked like the best Crankworx course yet... Good job combining large hits with what appeared to be pretty flowy layout compared to past courses. The only real complaint I heard was how hard it was to judge speed and the rocks. Can't somebody do something to protect the riders a little better on these monster step-downs and doubles??? I heard Monster had given away over 150,000 cans of liquid crack in just over 5 days... put some of that money into 6 inches of dirt on the gnarly landings.

Adam was not feeling comfortable on the course and having only ridden his short travel bike a handful of times he decided to play it safe and chill during his runs. Adam is also filming for his first segment in a Freeride Ent. movie... congrats Adam!!!

The contest was insane and the level is just ridiculous!!! I was stoked by how hard everyone threw down and hope the guys who got hurt recover quick... Here's a few shots I caught with my Canon. I'm glad that after all those miles only to ride beat to fuk trails at least I have something to show for it. Enjoy... 

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