Random acts of photography

This is Trevor Perelson A.K.A. Pimpy Mcflea... this kid has sent so many pics in that this is dedicated to him... and yo, Pimpy keeps it real too on the stylish tip. And if he gets me the photog's names, I'll get those up too.



I don't have this guy's name but its a clean Mob.

Ken Perra's 23.25 lb. Riot

Here's few more of your builds...

Psssttt... look what I have down here....

polished in 25.4mm only available now in limited quantities and selling fast!!!!

Big motha's... the new 31.8mm Underboss arriving soon
3" X 25.4mm
2" X 25.4mm

2" BadaBoom black 31.8mm

31.8mm 1.5"x30" BadaBoom in gunmetal & red

2009 Sneak peak photos of our next evolution in the parts market... the BadaBoom bars will be replacing the popular BadaBing bars. These puppies are sweet and stiff without leaving you feeling bloated. The flavors du jour are... ano red, ano black and ano gunmetal.  

Another tasty bit of 7075 t-6 aluminum for you... 31.8mmmmmm. Yup, 31.8mm and 25.4 mm Underboss stems & bars on the rack from now on and full cnc'd is back, in a big shiny way... limited number of full polished American made versions as well as black and red are in stock and shipping( Gunmetal will be available in Oct. along with all the other 2009 Black Market products). Also, be on the lookout for other American made limited stems on the trail. 31.8's available in 1.5" x 30" or 2" x 29" while the 25.4' will come in 2 & 3" as always but with improved internal butting profiles for a stronger bar.   

* Please Note All Bars and 31.8mm Stems Not Available Until Oct. 25.4mm Stems Available Now*

3000 miles and a sack of jerky...

Zink!!! You're a maniac!!! 
Lance McDermott pulling this ridiculous shitte perfectly... thankfully!!! Yes... this is a front flip!
Trond throwing the biggest frontie I've ever seen... Slopestyle is no joke!!!
Jamie Goldman kicks a native American in BC... 
Andreu's flip table in qualifing.
Brandon Seminuk has become the smoothest guy on the course everywhere he goes... 3rd 

I've noticed the only time I eat jerky is in the middle of a grueling roadtrip like last week's solo journey to Whistler and back to watch Adam compete in Crankworx. 

The trip started out ok and that lasted until hour 14 of straight driving where the 5 North's 2 lanes came to a grinding halt 8 miles away from an accident. We crawled along at 2-3 mph for about 30 min. where I decided it was time for a detour and as it happens every time you second guess your original plan... my detour was painfully slow and surely took more time than staying in the herd. I finally arrived in Portland at midnight and after 18 hours behind the wheel. After 5 hours of much needed rest at Aaron Lutze's house... (thanks!!!) I headed out for another 7 hour leg to Whistler.

Once I got to Whistler I met up with Adam, Kyle Ebbett, Dave Smutok and George Ryan Decline party at the GLC, where Theo's new dvd "Floatin'" was getting it's first official premiere... if you haven't seen this yet... get it!!! Sick riding and old school rock... it doesn't get any better. The rockin' didn't stop there... oh no!!! Led Zeppelin tribute band until 3 AM and a morning of puking to go with it. Don't go drinking on an empty stomach after 2 days of driving.
Just an observation.

Unfortunately I was not allowed to ride the course because it looked like the best Crankworx course yet... Good job combining large hits with what appeared to be pretty flowy layout compared to past courses. The only real complaint I heard was how hard it was to judge speed and the rocks. Can't somebody do something to protect the riders a little better on these monster step-downs and doubles??? I heard Monster had given away over 150,000 cans of liquid crack in just over 5 days... put some of that money into 6 inches of dirt on the gnarly landings.

Adam was not feeling comfortable on the course and having only ridden his short travel bike a handful of times he decided to play it safe and chill during his runs. Adam is also filming for his first segment in a Freeride Ent. movie... congrats Adam!!!

The contest was insane and the level is just ridiculous!!! I was stoked by how hard everyone threw down and hope the guys who got hurt recover quick... Here's a few shots I caught with my Canon. I'm glad that after all those miles only to ride beat to fuk trails at least I have something to show for it. Enjoy... 

please, e mail comments, suggestions, complaints to Carter@Blackmarketbikes.com and I'll do my best to respond.


First photos of the Contraband prototype...

seat stay detail with built in clamp and replaceable nut... threadsters. Has anybody called you a threadster?
Mid BB and you can count on the bridges being shrunk down and moved in at least .75" for all you threadsters... I know it's close. Prototype...

this is disc only but I;m looking into V brake mounts... it already has gyro tab holes.

I don't think I would want to be a threadster...
Mini me...

The Contraband

I'm pretty stoked right now. For years people have been asking if they could run 24's on Black Market frames and for years I've been saying yes... but it's gonna look weird in my opinion because of the massive spaces left where a 26" wheel should have been. And for years I've wanted to design a 24" specific frame.

Let me introduce you to the 24" specific Contraband prototype (remember that when you read this and start your threads...). Today was the first time since I raced BMX that I've had the chance to ride a 24" specific frame... I said specific. I've ridden my Mob with 24's for a bit in the beginning so I could give an accurate answer to your questions.

My first impression on the look was pretty good, I will be lowering the top tube about .75" and the rear end an as of yet undetermined amount.

The ride... um... Holy shit!!! I had so much fun! It pops like mad, flickable and stable. I remember my cruiser and it was never this fun. Now I can see why so many people dig these things! It was stable enough to feel immediately comfortable on the big line and small enough to stand my turndowns straight & down. Enough of my bullshit... here's the pics.


Check out Emily's interview on Pinkbike.com

Emily Johnston has a cool interview and video clip up on pinkbike.com... Check it yo! 

Couple of pics from Avoriaz

The promoter from the Avoriaz Roof n' Slopestyle sent me a couple of pics from practice to share with ya'll.

Lisa's Race report

Getting down the hill fast... fastest is the name of her game.
Top spot podium shot # 2, nice work Lisa!!!
Lisa on here way to her 2nd State title under the lights at Sol Vista. All photos by Eddie Clark and Long Nguyen

Sol Survivor, in Sol Vista, CO was one of the best events I've ever attended. Let me list the reasons (race promoters take note)...

1. The courses were built by racers for racers. This means the downhill had huge jumps, fast corners, awesome rock gardens, and serious flow. No uphill shenanigans. The dual slalom was relentless. If you weren't riding with the next corner in mind, you were probably stacking it into a berm.

2. Dual Slalom was under the lights!!!!!

3. There were fun random events like pump-track world championships and a mustache cup, free Dales Pale Ale and a rockin' band.

4. The pits actually had a good vibe. No tumble weeds blowing through this venue.

5. No one wanted to leave the award ceremony - whowhat!!! Even with a race the next day, people stayed out and partied; it was awesome.

On top of such a good venue, I was super stoked with my race runs. In dual slalom, I stacked it pretty hard in my first run against Christen Boyer as she took the max differential. This just meant there was no holding back in the second run. I new she was riding well so to beat the max diff meant pedal to the metal — that's when the racing got good. I met Rachel Bauer in the finals. She's been stepping it up all season and I new she was hungry for a win. Plus she qualified faster than me. The course was lined with spectators, the lights illuminated this amazing long track, and the gates dropped. I didn't see her after that. Oh it feels so good to cross that finish line first... twice;-)

Dowhill was amazing. I absolutely love to jump my DH rig and this was the course for me. There were two step downs one was 30 feet the other was 40 and there was a sweet 15 foot double into the most delicious berm you could ever sink your tires into. By race time a huge storm was rolling in, there was crazy lightening on the horizon and the skys were about to open up. Somehow the pro women were blessed with the quiet before the storm. The air had that uncanny still feel and it was charged with energy. Jackie Harmony had qualified less then 2 seconds behind me and I new she was going to push it for all she had (actually, we both promised each other we would). I also new the course was getting extremely beat up and everyone was complaining about blowing up in the corners. This was going to be one of those races of riding a fine line between smooth and daringly fast. Game on...

I was the last pro women in the start gate. I looked out over the brewing horizon and I told myself to just relax and stay lose. I didn't want to go as fast as possible; I just wanted to go as smooth as possible. It worked. I hit all my lines and sailed over the jumps. It was such a good day. As I crossed the finished lined I heard Mike McCormack announce that it would be my second State Championship for the weekend. Thank God:)

Shredding Canadian style

Carson Bell from Alberta has been ripping up the North and here's a couple of cool shots for you to enjoy.


Contraband spy shots

Here's the first photos of our new prototype Contraband 24" specific frame that will be released soon.

Underboss stems finally back in stock!

It's taken forever, the wait is over & I apologize for those of you who have waited patiently for the Underboss stems to come back into the building but they're here and look great!!!

Here are the color options available but the polished are still being finished.

Stayed tuned for more 09 product releases to come.



Harrokz just e mailed me a couple of photos from the day after the Claymore Challenge when I got my Transition Double together for a few runs before the rain set in again... I'm loving this bike.