Waste not want not....

Is this really important enough to be printed on every receipt??? Didn't I just read it on the screen???
This is ridiculous...

I know this doesn't have anything to do with bikes, berms or booze but... I have a gripe. Everybody agrees our planet is in some form of crisis, Whether it's the fuel shortage, over population, pollution, starvation or saving the whales, we're having issues. This is a minor complaint too but an easy one to fix that could actually make an enormous difference one printer at a time.

Yeah, I said printer... so, here it is.

I do part of my business thru this amazing thing called the internet, it can take you anywhere you can ever dream up, tell you how fat Britney's ass is getting and even teach use foreign languages in only 30 min a day. But why can't I print out a receipt from RayRal ( the names were changed to protect the innocent and me from being sued.) on a single piece of paper. I'm guessing about 90% of the receipts or confirmations I print out come as 2 pages and the 2nd page is 99% frivolous bullshit. Come on P... oops... RayPal, Rexpedia, Riceline... get on the program... one page receipts... save the world one printer at a time or at least a lot of paper.

I have in fact called RayRal and spoke to someone who actually listened to my rant about the fact the only piece of information on that 2nd 1/4 filled piece of dead tree is my customers phone number... I might need that, so it gets printed and stapled together.

Solution... pay one of your IT guys to fix the 2 page crap and save a staple!!! and Give Blood...

Now that was a waste of time.