2008 Avoriaz Roof n' Slopestyle results and photos

This is getting redundent with Sam... but this is huge! 
Yannick sticking one of many flips during the weekend 
This gap drops you from one roof to another then to the street for the final 2 jumps. Unknown Frenchy.
Gap on to the roof... this got tricked most of the time but this was the only shot I got of it.
Carlo Dieckman braves the cable bridge leading to 2 step- downs in a row bringing the riders back to the street level... a total of 13 possible obstacles to trick either up or down as we rode thru the Avoriaz Village.
Sam Pilgrim rode ok... I guess. 1st in best trick and slopestyle... if Sam is one of your mates... make him buy the beer... he can afford it!!!
The French Alps were amazing to see.
Pom Pom girls shakin' that ass...
Simon and his Riot... 
Claw 3 drops on the JumboTron and into 6th place
Hub Drop...
Flip whip by Rodolphe Legendre during the best trick event.
super whip during best trick... sorry I don't know some of the French riders names but they killed it...
BS Trading's booth and their BlkMrkt display
Jerome and his french crew
riders contemplate the effects of dropping into mud and hitting a slick quarter at mach 1
Ben's choice of taking a 5" bike probably kept him from scoring higher but this 3 drop was perfect. 
The Claw...1 hand 3 tables the last set during SS

I just got home from an incredible trip!!! Avoriaz mountain in the French Alps. First, I'd like to thanks JIJI for inviting me and putting on an amazing event. It had its rough spots though... mainly due to Mother Nature raining and snowing on our parade but it cleared up just in time and was beautiful for the actual contest. Practice was limited and sporadic because of rain and the crew working their asses off to repair the damage.

The first event was the best trick jam held at 11 pm on the last jump in front of thousands of French bike fans and it was out of control... fireworks, dancers (in booty shorts) and shredders... what more could you ask for??? Sam Pilgrim managed to hold off the slew of international talent as they threw everything they had at him. Three whips, double whips, no foot can flips, tuck no handed flips, flip whips, superman flips... the trick list was stacked to say the least and the level of riding was crazy.  

The Roof n' Slopestyle took place the following day under bluebird skies and once again Sam Pilgrim showed everyone what's up. Sam's winning run went something like this... 1 foot x the Mavic Hub Drop... flair on the 9' quarter... tailwhip the scaffold step-up... tuck no down... something I didn't see on the hip... t whip the roof step-up... nada on the little roof top dirt jump... missed a tuck no on the roof to roof step-down... 1 foot x the roof to ground step-down... big flip on the first set and 3 table the last.  

Top three Slopestyle

1st Sam Pilgrim

2nd CAm McCaul

3rd Yannick

This was an awesome event barring the rain and mud...

As soon as I retrieve the full results I'll post them


photos by carter holland