Lisa's Race report for July

After the 2006 Single Slalom World Championships made a mockery of NORBA's gated racing in Deer Valley, the race promoters decided to adjust the format a little bit. They re-instituted dual slalom - enough said.

The course was short but fun, fast and turny. It started with some brake-bump rollers into a double and set of fast berms into some awesome flat corners. From there you had a double to roller or triple or any combination of manual/jump there within. It slammed you pretty quick into a left-hand berm. From there you had a lip to table then a fast right-hand berm. You finished up on a series of 7 or so haggard rollers. If you messed up, there was no time to recover — the finish came quick. The course can always be better and bigger, but it challenged me and I didn't want to stop riding it, so I'll take it.

"Goldie" my Black Market slalom race frame was by far the bike of choice for this course. Some riders were digging suspension bikes, but that hardtail railed the corners and manuals so good that there's no way I would want to run suspension. I had the Fox Float set up at 90-mm travel and fairly stiff — it tracked beautifully.

The racing went by quickly. Jackie Harmony put up a brilliant race, but malled here shins with her pedal and tweaked out an already bummed knee. The closest race of the evening, had to have been between Leanna Gerrard and I. Hundredths of seconds separated our cumulatively time. But Goldie took it by a tire knob;-) Then I got to race world-champ Buhly. She got me both rounds, but it was fast heated racing and I was closer to catching her this year then last.

Some of the best riding didn't even go down at the race venue. The local jump park, partially built and maintained by Eric Porter, saw an awesome evening session Friday night. Racers came out to throw down their best whips and scrubs and we all shredded till the sunset — such a good break from the race scene.

Here are the results:

Pro Women:
1. Melissa Buhl
2. Lisa Myklak
3. Leanna Gerrard
4. Joanna Petterson
5. Jessica Vogt
6. Jackie Harmony
7. Leslie Slagle
8. Darian Harvey

Pro Men:
1. Cameron cole
2. Petr Hanak
3. Chris Boice
4. Aaron Gwin
5. Mike Haderer
6. Ryan Condrashoff
7. Logan Binggeli
8. Orlando Martinez