Bon Jour from the French Alps...

After 22 hours of travel and no sleep for almost 2 full days, I've made it to Avoriaz in the French Alps for the Braun Roof'n Slopestyle that will take place in the ski village almost 2000 meters in the French air. 

Here's a quick look at the course which we will drop into after riding thru a giant Mavic Hub... this will take the rider to a 9' quarter with a wall ride or hip... from here we will hit a 7' kicker to a scaffold with 2 options... #1 pedal straight to a small kicker with 9' drop and 20' gap or #2 is a 4' street spine with wall ride to a 8' drop... this directs the rider to nice right hand hip then into the roof'n part... here a kicker will put the rider on the roof section on top of the tourism building where there are 2 small dirt jumps, a cable bridge to a small step-down with a dirt landing to a drop sending the rider back to the ground and into the final obstacles... 2 wood kicker to dirt landing jump

This is the first time a course has looked exactly as shown in the flier... and it looks pretty damn good. We're just hoping for the rain to stop and the sun to come out and dry the course before Monday and Tuesday. Those are the days of the event. 

So far I've seen Boyko (who is still waiting for his clothes and bike to arrive from the airport or whereever it ended up), The Claw, Chris Smith, Sam Pilgrim and a few others roaming around the village waiting for sun. 

Oh yeah... once again I failed to bring a jacket because when I left Slo Cal it was 95 and summer!

Hope you're all having a good weekend riding your bikes...