BlkMrkt Poland

Peter and his crew
Koper... Poland's BlkMrkt shredder

BlkMrkt Poland's pro rider... Koper
No foot can by Soku

A long time ago I met a guy at Sheep Hills, he was covered with tattoos but what made his different and made me remember them was what they depicted and who had inspired the work. His name to us was Peter Poland and he is a bike rider and bike fan!!! If you don't believe me... one look at the tattoo of Shaun Palmer sprinting at you in full Specialized gear should convince you.

Peter would MySpace me from time to time saying how he would like to rep BlkMrkt in Poland... well, he made it happen! Peter is now our distributor in Poland. Here's a few photos of his crew. If you're in Poland and you're looking for us... check out