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Here's a real re-cap of the Teva Mountain Games. Enjoy.

Munich, Germany, June 11th – last weekend Adam Hauck won the SoBe®
Freeride and Slopestyle competitions at the Teva Mountain Games in
Vail, Colorado.
On Saturday, Adam Hauck made his way through the qualifying of the SoBe®
Freeride (speed trials competition) by ditching George Ryan and Geoff Gulevich.
Right when the semi final against David Smutok was about to start, Adam had
really bad luck: His rear tube was sticking out and in the moment the starter
said: “ready, set, go”, it popped. Adam reacted very fast and in a perfect way: “I
just grabbed somebody else’s bike. I don’t know whose it was. It was just the
same kind of bike that I had.” Despite the borrowed bike, Adam had a really fast
first run and an even faster second one, which secured his way into the finals of
the speed trials. Adam managed to win these finals in a thrilling one-on-one and
head-to-head competition against Petr Hanak. Adam, as cool as he is, just
mentioned after his run: “It was definitely going to be close because that dude
(Hanak) was fast, and I wasn’t on my bike. It was a little crazy. I don’t think it
was going to go as it did.”
Fortunately Adam had his Black Market bike repaired for Sunday when the
SoBe® slopestyle competition promised a lot of tricks and airtime. Adam rocked
the whole course, starting off with a tailwhip drop, then cannonballing the first
double, alley-oop wall-tap on the 90 degrees wallride hip, showing a nice and
clean one handed nofoot cancan on the second double, doing a tuck no hand at
the step on and a no foot cancan on the step off. But it must have been probably
his most technical trick that made him win the SoBe® slopestyle comp: a 720 on
the very last jump. The whole crowd was yelling and screaming at this time.
Aaron Chase, who got second, as well as third placed Greg Watts could just
congratulate him on this incredible and clean run. After this stunning weekend,
Adam just stated: “The Teva Mountain Games are definitely worth going to”
Adam already got great results at the Nissan Qashqai Challenge series this year
in Europe (Milan 6th and London 8th), but riding a big competition in his home
country seemed to push him even more. No question, this weekend showed
again Adam’s versatile riding skills - winning a speed trail and a slopestyle comp.
Be anxious to see even more great performances from him in this year’s season.
Adam Hauck signed with rasoulution’s Athlete Management Program in October
2006. This opportunity should used to thank his sponsors one more time: Black
Market, Mavic, Giro, Atomlab, Nike 6.0, E-13, Deity und SDG. For more general
information about Adam Hauck, please visit: