Road 34 Jam

Lisa carving her way into 2nd in pro women... photo Eddie at ... check him out
Jeremiah workin' the 4X qualifying
Artsy Turndown.... By Tammy Donahugh
Thomas twisted
Can can to the Tammy Donahue
Luke Probst T-Bog X
1st place guy Joey Cordova
Nasty Nate spins on home turf...
Part of the line to get on the Road 34 trailer/ roll-in

Lisa was tricking both sets and if you ask a bunch of the guys who rode here... that was a feat they only wished to accomplish. Then she went on to finish 2nd in pro women's dual slalom in Nathrop after a 4 hour drive.

2nd place with the sickest superman whips & bike flips... Jeremiah Jones A.K.A. Huck
Thomas gettin' shit done and goin' higher than everyone on the first set... a lot higher.

ohhh... pretty... back to bikes
Thomas had some fans in Colorado, where he comes from... This is Kenny and Nick Stanley. Don't let the red neck fool ya... Kenny here threw the fastest, scariest, lowest flip on the smallest concrete lip to flat I've ever seen!!! I was so caught off guard I didn't get a photo... and his son rides a sick red LTF... they're both S&M for Life.

Smart Car????

This dude is a cyclist!!!!
Thomas and I stopped at a couple of the places along the road I've always wanted to check out including the closed down waterpark on the way to Vegas and this weird hilly spot with 2" of cracked soil everywhere where Thomas lip slid and a mound of dirt at my request.
US and a big ditch...

Thomas and I went on a mission last weekend and drove to Fort Collins, Co. for the Road 34 BikeBar Jam... that's right... bike shop and bar, in one place!!! Throw in some parking lot dirt jumps complete with roll-in, a DJ, lots of screaming college students and booze... now it's a good time!!! It was good to hang out in Colorado for a bit, we met up with Tammy and Jimmy Donahugh, Nate Adams and his chick and their baby bump, Lisa Myklak and a host of other characters. Thanks to Jimmy and Tammy for letting us crash and turning us onto some damn good pizza! And Tammy is repsonsible for all of the riding pics at the contest.

The jump set-up was a little wack but everybody threw down with 3 double whips to front flips and everything in between. There was quite a bit of carnage during qualifying but the finals were pretty good. Here's the final 6:
BMX: Luke Probst, Jeremiah "Huck" Jones and Joey Cordova
MTB: Thomas Hancock, Andy Holloway and myself

The top 3 ended like this: 1st Joey Cordova 2nd Jeremiah Jones 3rd Thomas Hancock... Thomas was absolutely killin' it and with a freshly healed broken leg.

From there Thomas and I drove 4 hours SW to a little town called Nathrop to attempt to race dual slalom. Unfortunately we were completely unprepared and late for registration and Thomas did not have a membership and they were not accepting applications on-site. They did allow me to register after a bit of hassle only to find out my qualifying run would have to serve as my practice and first time ever on the course... yay! After watching the other pros ripping thru the sweet course I decided it was time for my virgin run and qualified 19th out of 22 but then I pussed out and went home because the racing was anticipated to last another 5-7 hours on top of the six hours we had already been going and a 13 hour drive home... I chose the drive.

Jeremiah Work and Lisa Myklak did a little better in the racing department... Lisa racked up a 2nd in pro women and Jeremiah won his first round but got taken out in the next.

Here are some photos of our journey... enjoy.