Ride~A~Rama... a photo update

Capt. Bafus at the Helm....
When Rick Nolte had to leave the trip it was like loosing 5 guys... it just got quite for a bit... you were missed... we'll see you in SD fo' sho'!
Randy Spanger was spotted running amok thru the New Mexico desert
early morning timing at Rick's House
How do you like the chrome???
If Radittude was a real word... this would be the description... Joe P.
Metzger ripping it up on a borrowed Intense SoCom... it was awesome having him and Travis Hart on the beginning of the trip but after a hard landing on the step-up some of his internal hardware became aggravated had he needed to get checked out. CAn't wait to ride with you again Mike.

Jimbo stuck this ridiculous high-speed step-up tuck transfer... it was badass!!!
Jim samples the clean Sante Fe air at the "Church"
This is how we have spent a lot of time... when we can 'rastle the control from Steven's cold dead hands.
gotta love Bafus!!!
High-speed berm blast
Emily dropping some of Woodward's freeride trails... Emily trained the big lower sets with Lisa
Lisa Myklak hitting the 40' er after the step-down and she hit the step-up too and made it look good.
Here she leaves Perrizo in the dust thru the Glory Hole at Woodward West.
Carter goin' 60' on the Transition Double
Here's the 35' step-up at Woodward
Joe Perrizo is a juggernaut of flips and flairs
Steven floats above the "Church Trails" in Santa Fe... this does not suck!
berm train at Woodward West
Bafus has been riding really well and hogs the video game!!!

All photos in this segment by Ben "Caveman" Tobin

We've been insanely busy between driving from Orange County to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1 day... blowing out a trailer tire and realizing we have no spare or tools to change it with, 12 miles west of Flagstaff, AZ. only to find out nobody will bring out a tire and wheel in AZ. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome... on the road again.

Drove through the night in order to meet up with Don Hampton again in Santa Fe. Hampton had Bender and Spangler in tow because they've been filming for Don's new movie, Latitudes. Once we met up with Hampton, he took us out to the middle of no where...30 min. on a bumpy ass dirt road pulling our trailer full of bikes. When we arrive we're shown around a handbuilt Free~Ride area that has drops, wallrides ( the same wall ride you saw Bender hit on the cover of decline), hips, huge fast doubles... it was sick. Rich Sprang has built his own Free~ride oasis right next to the Rio Grande and I'd like to thank him for doing the lord's work and no Bender... there's no bible thumping happening in the PitaBeggo.

I was really hoping to get to watch Randy and Josh ride but they just cheered us on having filmed the day before. The only thing that kept things from getting really rowdy was the 30-40 mph gusting winds coming thru the canyons in every which direction but some good shit definitely went down... Jim stomped a steezy downside footplant "au natural." A few of us shredded Bender's wall ride and a cool hip. I pulled a hip flip on my Transition short travel bike and almost landed a lookback but the wind was getting the best of me. Joe did a couple of huge hip flips, Thomas and Bafus t whipped it... Jim 270'ed it perfect with the camera off but had some issues when the camera came out. He did throw a huge toboggan off the 10' semi-natural 1/4 that was dope.

That night we drove to my friend Nancy's house who I haven't seen since I was 12 years old and it was an amazing reunion of sorts. Nancy and her daughter Georgia had prepared a full on fiesta for us. We had a great time, made new friend's and left with clean clothes!!! The next morning we headed out to meet Rich at one of his other masterpieces... I'm going to call them the "Church Trails". Another awesome riding spot that was flowy and fun. I managed to knock myself out by 830 am after bailing out of a flip but I'm all good. Every body loved this place and rode it well. From there we trekked to Angel Fire, NM. to meet up with Jeremiah Work and try our hand at racing but the weather is not cooperating. The weather told me 60-70's and sunny but it's snowing, windy and F'n cold Damn It!!! Not too sure we're gonna stick around for this when we could be in south Texas sleeping outside and riding shirtless.

Finally Blogger is working!!! More soon...