Ride~A~Rama... Austin update

Jim stompin' at Hoodward
Jeremiah showing he's more than just a pretty face...
Chris flowing his backyard Hoodward set-up. Thanks for showing us around Chris.

Thomas with enough style to make the 9th st. locals watch
no caption needed for a cool photo... Thomas

Austin Local Lil' Chris destroyed it everywhere we went... 9th, Hoodward... Sunday's... so good
Oh yeah... 26" too....
Jim likes Austin too...
When Salty's not being a Gay...
He can blast the step-down at secret spot in Austin

I've wanted to check out Austin for a few years now and all I ever hear is how "cool" Austin is and "oh, you'll dig Austin!"... I think I've even been told I would, "Love" Austin.

Whatever!!! Just because you can ride at least 3 sets of dopest, flowiest trails I've ever seen within 10 min. of downtown, eat at Pita Pit then ride your bike to the swimming hole to cool off and then do it again??? Or the fact that everyone we met was totally cool... even the pimp at our Motel 6 was cool. Throw in riding places like 9th street and the T-1 ramp with Taj, Ruben, Jeremiah and the other locals. We were invited to ride some a backyard plywood playground called Hoodward with rippers Chris, Jason and Slasher... = this week has been awesome! Truly a dream come true... so, in short... I love Austin!!!

It was a refreshing change to hang out with BMXer's who didn't feel the need to start off on the wrong foot by talkin' shit or just being assholes in general until you prove yourself worthy of their attention. Taj was amazing at the T-1 ramp!!! One of those things you've seen on dvd a hundred times but nothing compares to Taj blasting a can-can in person... Thanks for showing us the lines and allowing us to ride!!! Here is just a sample of the best days of the trip even with the 5000% humidity.