PitaBeggo Ride~A~Rama T-minus 24 hours

Poster child Steven Bafus on the back of the PitaBeggo.

Steven wrenchs... Jim not wrenching
Don Hampton and Millhouse joined the crew last night.

The time is drawing near for us to take off on our first leg of summer filming trips... driving from Woodward West to Austin, Tx. and back in the Pita Pit PitaBeggo. Our stops will include Riverside, Ca., Phoenix, Az. and Angel Fire, N.M. where I've coerced everybody to race 4X.

Don Hampton is filming this segment and will be producing what will eventually be a full length riding video that follows an array of riders with very different styles and skills riding a veritable cornucopia of terrain and transitions...

Speaking of Transition, I'd like to thank Kevin and Kyle and the rest of the guys at Transition Bikes for supplying Black Market with short travel bikes for us to ride this year... pretty excited for the UPS truck to pull up tomorrow... Pics to come.

Our cast of characters has become very interesting and I can't wait to see what chaos ensues.

Full timers:
Carter Holland
Steven Bafus
Thomas Hancock
Jim Tharp
Rick Nolte
Joe Perrizo

Swing shift
Adam Hauck
Jeremiah Work

Part timers:
Lisa Myklak
Emily Johnston
Nadia Steinbrecker

and just added to the mix... The God Father of FMX, Mike Metzger & fellow MX'er Travis Hart are both coming along to try their skills on a 26".

I'll be posting as often as time, internet access and my attention span will allow... over on ThrashBike.com, full-timer Rick Nolte will be slaying the keys and spinning yarns to keep you up to date and picking up my slack. I will try to keep those of you who chose to read my babble entertained but I promise nothing... but will do my best.