Joe Perrizo!!!! OMG!!!!

Our new Doubles from Transition Bike Co.

Joe... ok... I need to backtrack but we'll get back to Joe. Days 1 and 2 are in the can and already producing some sick footage. I missed day 1 in order to wait for the mailman to deliver our 2 new Transition Doubles.

That's right... Transition Bike Co. will be hooking up the BlkMrkt riders when a squishy situation presents its self. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin, Kyle, Cam and the rest of the crew for hooking us up with the frames and so far they are awesome! I'm not too familiar with getting to ride mountain bike stuff but I'm getting a crash course and loving every minute of it. So far I've done a 20'x18' drop into a 60' double ( subliminal... JOE) multiple times and and huge downhill rhythm that starts with a loose high speed right hander into a step down road gap(8'x15') with a nice steep landing into a no-brakes 35' double then after coasting and mach 9 into either a poppy 6' lip and 25' gap or a 5' lip that steps up 8' over a 30' gap. Lisa Myklak charged this whole line along with Metzger, Travis Hart (who is a maniac and smashed his face into a lip so hard he knocked a the entire corner off the jump and walked away), Joe, Steven and myself.

So, back to Joe... the story goes like this. Joe and the crew have been working their way down Woodward West's newly manicured slopestyle course, sessioning each new obstacle until they made it to the 60' double which has a long Mellowww 5' tall lip to a 50' gap and 10' tagpad then a long mellow landing and moondust runout. I'm saying this from actually hitting that jump with zero braking after the 20'x18' drop and maching down the landing at at least 35mph (but most likely faster)... you're fucking hauling ass!!! And JOE after 2 runs decides to flip a 50' gap & 10 tagpad from basically a wedge to wedge and stuck it perfect. Then today he trained with me over that gap and flipped it some more... at least 5 more times!!!! He was actually over shooting the landing by 10'-15' almost every time... that looks like this: 50'+10'+15'+ 35mph+ wedge lip= WTF Joe??? Maybe... it was the feeling of total cranial protection he derived from his tupper wear skid lid. Or... maybe the Stockton jersey... whatever it is, keep it... it works.

There were 3 wrecks today that could have had bad endings but luckily everyone ended up only slightly bruised. I made the highlight reel with my table off the 20' drop only to come in on an slight angle, blowing my front tire completely off the rim and ripping the valve stem off. As my front tire explodes in the clip, I get thrown violently to my left shoulder and head... where I proceeded to almost bounce to my feet running down the rest of the landing and announcing to everyone, "my tire blew off"... uh, no shit! Thankfully it was only skin. Joe had a good one too... he supermaned the 35' step-up and when he tried to use his brake levers to pull his bike back... the moved and he went straight to his face but survived it with only a sore wrist. I told you about the 3rd wreck earlier. Gotta go for now... I'll up load more photos tomorrow.