Shock Therapy

Pointy toes...
This is Tyler Harris mid double whip... mid first time riding in almost 6 months due to snow in the hometown of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox not to mention the 16 hour bus ride to get here. He crashed in practice trying this and seriously almost gave himself a trake with his brake lever.
Joe no can for the hometown crowd....

Me flipping the box after sprinting on 2" of foam padding and Astroturf.
Gerald Dale spins in basketball shoes...
Joe Perrizo siting in Wa. woods... lock your doors.
uh... yeah... then he did this... watch the clip!
Beacon Hill's DS
Steven Bafus and his go to trick

Last weekend I went up to the NW to ride with Steven Bafus and Joe Perrizo in the Spokane Shock, an Pro Arena Football team owned by NFL great John Elway.

But the weekend was looking bad for me from the start. I made it to Washington fine as did my bike but for the next 3 days all I could do was hurt myself in some stupid way. How you ask??? For instance, I see a hat I want to buy for my fiancee hanging from the ceiling but when I step onto a bench... as I'm reaching for the hat... the bench flips completely upside down an I fall onto the frame of this metal death bench on my right thigh. Then to the skatepark. Here I managed a tire slide to right thigh(again) smash as I washed out on the insanely slippery Idaho concrete and ended up casing a concrete rollers with my body. Now I've been here an hour and I can barely walk and have a case of swellbow going.

After that Joe Perrizo took us to his local stomping grounds where he has learned to ride basically on his own. Joe is truly one of mountain bikes hardcore mountain men... not quite Grizzly Adams though. Joe rides at a place called Beacon Hill in Spokane... this place is rad!!! They have built a small wilderness area into their own public bike park complete with a new dual slalom course, drops, jumps, ladder bridges, the whole shabang. Joe completely owns and shreds this place. If you don't believe me check the pics... and the whole time his bike is falling apart... Joe is very hard on his bike but not who worries about things like chains falling off as he's pedaling to flip a road gap and his guide is loose. Gnarly.

The next afternoon was the half time show. The show was put together by a trio of wakeboarders known as 3 Fine Fellas who have started a non-profit demo team and also put on events like a wake board rail jam in a parking lot 100 miles from the nearest water or the Pita Pit Half Time Jump Demo. Steven & Joe have been involved with these guys for a couple of years and asked if I wanted to ride in front of 10,000 screaming football fans??? Hell yeah... sounds fun. The box jump was really good, the Shock Dance Team was hot and the crowd was nuts!!! I have never ridden for that kind of crowd... specially one that's enclosed and surrounding you from all angles. The show went great and only one rider down and it wasn't me this time. Enjoy the pics and hopefully we'll see you at the San Diego Jam this weekend.

I want to say thanks to Matt and to Jamie at Pita Pit and Steven and Joe for taking me around.


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