Jordie's Peanut Butter Knife Fight...

This is what makes the first jump so tough to dial in.
This is Jordie taking line 25 version II... his yard has sniper lines everywhere and you need to be qualified just to get thru the first 25'. Jordie Is qualified.
Jordie's yard is crazy!!! He built some of the coolest lines I've ever seen and super challenging.
Alex Pro going for a ride courtesy of the G-Out thankfully he was ok and continued to shred cautiously for the rest of the day.

Ryder T-Bog's the hardest jump in the world.
I can't remember this kids name but he was a shredder
Steve Smith carving and
So... I get home from Germany on monday to find out that Jordie Lunn's is taking place at his house in Parksville, B.C., Canada. After checking into flights and find I can fly round trip into Seattle for 170 bucks... I'm there!!! Next time I'll do a bit more research. I knew Jordie's was on Vancouver Island but didn't know what was involved in getting there until it was too late. Here's a brief account of my travels just to get to Jordie's. First, wake up and drive to LAX at O' dark thirty in the AM (1.5hrs.). Then flew to Seattle( 2.5 hrs)... rented a car(30min.)... drove to Canada (2hrs)... got caught in a huge line of cars trying to cross the border (2hrs.) got searched at the border(30 min)... missed the ferry to Vancouver Island by 1 minute, This turned out to be a good thing. I was able to meet up and stay with Ian Hylands and his wife, Nicole. Ian took me into Vancouver for the premiere of the new Collective movie, Season's. This movie is aweoms, one of the best I've seen. Next day... got up... took the ferry (3hrs.) then drove north on the island for 3hrs. got caught in traffic on an island for a fatal accident (2 hrs). That was just getting there! Then I managed to smash into the lip of the 4th jump after barely over jumping the 3rd on my first run thru the section. To say the 4th lip was close to the 3rd landing is an understatement... it's basically on the landing and caused many riders to do unexpected back flipping ejections.

Jordie has built a really fun and technically challenging place to ride. It all starts with a pump track section and that leads into the first jump. I watch guys attempt this section all day with varying degrees of success but more times than not ending in a rear wheel in need of truing. My favorite part of his set up was the full length pump track... Jordie had this so wired he could make it all the way to the wall ride and then pump back up backwards and then still get into the jumps... DAMN! The comp was won by Ryder Kasprick followed by Mr. Lunn and I'm not sure who got 3rd. Brandon Seminuk was favored to win after destroying the course in pracice but crashes on the last set kept him from putting together a winning run... but... he was t whipping and 3'ing the first set that most guys struggled to get over in the first place. He was absolutely slaying it!!! Same with Alex Pro but after 2 unfortunate attempts on the last jump and the G out sending him sailing to and fro he decided to play it safe.

As for the rest of my trip... crashed super hard in practice... and 2 more times during the contest... all on the last set... then... back the way I came!!!! Bad idea. What was supposed to be an easy trip turned into an expensive, painful trip. Can't wait to get home and crawl into bed. Planes, boats and automobiles....arrrggh.