Lonnie Paxton's 2008 Back Yard BBQ Jam...

Sometimes when you live in Bro Cal you find yourself at NFL Super Bowl Champion's Lonnie Paxton's backyard paradise rubbing elbows with pimps~n~hoes and SuperStar's, MXer's and BMXer's alike... and this shin dig had them all. From Aitken to Young and all the sick rider's in between... it was nuts & windy damn it!

But the wind didn't stop the mayhem, hell it barely slowed it down. It was amazing to watch Chase Hawk and Aitken blast everything brakeless was ridiculous. My other favorites of the day were Darrin Reed and Bohan. I was the sole 26" rider there but had a great time none the less. here are a few pics from the day and a short train clip.

Mike Aitken brakeless, fast, high and steezy

Bohan pulling back, Reed diving in...

TJ Ellis blasting the big hip in 20+mph wind...

Hawk...'nough said.

Gary Young tuck.