2008 Extreme Thing!!!

TJ Ellis looping the first set during the wind free practice and Cowan looping the last.....

C-MAC_T-WHIP@ trickferret.com

I just got home from one of the funnest contests of the year in my opinion. It's the Extreme Thing Dirt Challenge in Las Vegas. The Vegas Parks & Rec. allow Ricardo Laguna to put on a huge dirt contest in front of thousands of fans during their annual Sports & Music Festival and it was the best one yet.

Ricardo and his crew built an awesome 10 pack for riders from all over the world to ride and enjoy. One of the things I like best about the event is BMX and 26" ride the same jumps against each other. It's not a park contest so I think it's pretty fair granted no ones doing triple tailwhips on an MTB yet but very few BMXer's are pullin' that shit anyway.

I saw some crazy moves thrown but the sickest had to be James Foster's 3 whip to whip back which he tried once and nearly stuck it. Dennis Enerson (still 16 years old by the way)won with an array of big tricks including barspin to whip, double whips, flip whip... whippity whip to double back whip hip flip to foot jam whip.

Mother Nature did her best to ruin the event with heavy winds on Saturday but after postponing the contest until 7 PM it went off with only a moderate breeze.

Blogger is finally letting me work again.....

Thanks to my Mom and Vince for putting me, Cam and Jamie Dakis up and cooking an amazing breakfast!!!

2008 Extreme Thing Results

1- Dennis Enarson 93. 12
2- Cameron White 91.37
3- James Foster 85.87
4- Cameron McCaul 81.87
5- Joey Cordova 81.00
6- Anthony Napoliton 80.37
7- Ricardo Laguna 78.12
8- Reuel Erickson 76.87
9- Fernando Sabat 76.62
10- Ben Voyles 75.62
11- Adam Aloise 75.5
12- Carter Holland 72.62
13- Colton Satterfield 71.00
14- Sergio Munoz 70.37
15- Travis Postany 69.87
16- Josh Hult 68.00
17- Michael Payne 67.50
18- Maxime Brimar 67.25
19- Sean Logan 66.37
20- Matt Closson 65.25
21- John Cowan 63.00
22- Beto Monroy 62.75
23- Jessie Turner 60.87
24- TJ Ellis 60.625
25- Dustin "Radio" Nail 60.250
26- Alex Rubio 56.62
27- Sean McAlpine 50.75
28- Alex Dropsy 47.00
Isaac McNeal D/C
Mike Laikin D/C
Kyle O'Hara D/C
Mike Moura D/C
Ben Snowden D/C
Dominic Smith D/C