2008 Extreme Thing!!!

TJ Ellis looping the first set during the wind free practice and Cowan looping the last.....

C-MAC_T-WHIP@ trickferret.com

I just got home from one of the funnest contests of the year in my opinion. It's the Extreme Thing Dirt Challenge in Las Vegas. The Vegas Parks & Rec. allow Ricardo Laguna to put on a huge dirt contest in front of thousands of fans during their annual Sports & Music Festival and it was the best one yet.

Ricardo and his crew built an awesome 10 pack for riders from all over the world to ride and enjoy. One of the things I like best about the event is BMX and 26" ride the same jumps against each other. It's not a park contest so I think it's pretty fair granted no ones doing triple tailwhips on an MTB yet but very few BMXer's are pullin' that shit anyway.

I saw some crazy moves thrown but the sickest had to be James Foster's 3 whip to whip back which he tried once and nearly stuck it. Dennis Enerson (still 16 years old by the way)won with an array of big tricks including barspin to whip, double whips, flip whip... whippity whip to double back whip hip flip to foot jam whip.

Mother Nature did her best to ruin the event with heavy winds on Saturday but after postponing the contest until 7 PM it went off with only a moderate breeze.

Blogger is finally letting me work again.....

Thanks to my Mom and Vince for putting me, Cam and Jamie Dakis up and cooking an amazing breakfast!!!

2008 Extreme Thing Results

1- Dennis Enarson 93. 12
2- Cameron White 91.37
3- James Foster 85.87
4- Cameron McCaul 81.87
5- Joey Cordova 81.00
6- Anthony Napoliton 80.37
7- Ricardo Laguna 78.12
8- Reuel Erickson 76.87
9- Fernando Sabat 76.62
10- Ben Voyles 75.62
11- Adam Aloise 75.5
12- Carter Holland 72.62
13- Colton Satterfield 71.00
14- Sergio Munoz 70.37
15- Travis Postany 69.87
16- Josh Hult 68.00
17- Michael Payne 67.50
18- Maxime Brimar 67.25
19- Sean Logan 66.37
20- Matt Closson 65.25
21- John Cowan 63.00
22- Beto Monroy 62.75
23- Jessie Turner 60.87
24- TJ Ellis 60.625
25- Dustin "Radio" Nail 60.250
26- Alex Rubio 56.62
27- Sean McAlpine 50.75
28- Alex Dropsy 47.00
Isaac McNeal D/C
Mike Laikin D/C
Kyle O'Hara D/C
Mike Moura D/C
Ben Snowden D/C
Dominic Smith D/C


Web video from George Ryan

Yo... check this out, it's got some amazing riding by Adam Hauck, Aaron Chase and others... George put it down for you for you to enjoy.


St. Patty's Day Shred Session from George Ryan on Vimeo.

Few more photos from the early session

That's Fernando Sabat flowin' the hip 1 hand 1 leg... and Lisa hitting the third lip.


Real Ride Dirt id fun!!!

Shane has been busy dialing in the trails at Da Compound and it's paying off. Lisa Myklak and I rode there last night with John Cowan and Jeff Emery and a couple of guys from Spain... not the Lacon's. Here a couple of clips from the sesh.

Kovarik's Pump Track

Lisa Myklak went out to Temecula the other day and took a few shots of Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar riding the secret pump track at EC's spot. Check out the change of elevation on the track... sick!

Readers rides.....

This is more like it... go out and take some creative photos... just don't get hit by a train. This is Eric Sokolowski's Mob.

frame: Stripped/Cleared '05 BlkMrkt MOB
fork: Manitou Sherman 80mm
front wheel: Trailpimp DHR, Profile Non-Disc 20mm
rear wheel: Trailpimp DHR, Profile Dishless 6spd Cassette with Ti Driver
tires: 2.2 HolyRollers
cranks: Profile 170's, Ti Spindle
sprocket: 27t Profile Imperial
pedals: Azonic A-Frames
chain: KMC 710
stem: Nemesis Project 22.2
bar: Custom Solid 2.5" Rise x 28" wide
headset: FSA Impact
grips: Fly Rueben 155's
seat: Coalition
seatpost: Thomson
brake: 160mm Juicy 5

Lonnie Paxton's 2008 Back Yard BBQ Jam...

Sometimes when you live in Bro Cal you find yourself at NFL Super Bowl Champion's Lonnie Paxton's backyard paradise rubbing elbows with pimps~n~hoes and SuperStar's, MXer's and BMXer's alike... and this shin dig had them all. From Aitken to Young and all the sick rider's in between... it was nuts & windy damn it!

But the wind didn't stop the mayhem, hell it barely slowed it down. It was amazing to watch Chase Hawk and Aitken blast everything brakeless was ridiculous. My other favorites of the day were Darrin Reed and Bohan. I was the sole 26" rider there but had a great time none the less. here are a few pics from the day and a short train clip.

Mike Aitken brakeless, fast, high and steezy

Bohan pulling back, Reed diving in...

TJ Ellis blasting the big hip in 20+mph wind...

Hawk...'nough said.

Gary Young tuck.


Reader's build...

If you think you have a sick build and want everyone who reads this to appreciate too, send me a photo, a build list, weight, and where you're from and I'll put some up. I've wanted to do this for a while but Nick Genovese who works at Straight Line bike shop in Fernie, B.C. sent me a full build list and a good photo of his new Riot so here you are.

Frame:2008 Blk Mrkt Riot 22"
Fork: 2008 Fox F100 RLC
Headset: FSA Impact
Bar: Deity DirtyThirty 31.8
Stem: Deity Phantom 31.8
Cranks: Macneil Conjoined w/ Ti Spindle
Sproket: 28T wethepeople
BB: Snafu 19mm Euro Kit
Brake: 2008 Avid Juicy 7
Pedals: Axiom Road Gap
Seat: Macneil SL
Post: Macneil Stump
Rims: Mavic Ex 721 32h
Front Hub: Hope Pro Mono 2
Rear Hub: Hope Pro Mono 2 Single Speed
Spokes: Dt Champion 2.0
Nipples: Dt Prolock
Tires: Kenda Small Block 8
Tubes: Axiom Regular
Grips: Fit Key Logo White

Weight: 26.05 LBS

Groms rule....

Here are a couple more grom shots... the first one is Jack Bool boosting the Post Office trails in Santa Cruz. The second is Chris Rebeck you guys need to work on the photography a little though.



Today started off like everyday should... early morning dig session with Bo followed by a short trail sesh. Luke and Bo were both killin' it and I've got a few photos to prove it but the hero of the day was Ryan Guettler showed up and spun like the wind. Unfortunately you'll need to check it out at BNQT.com because I was riding when he decided to 7 the long & low and then 1080 the last set without even loosing his hat... ridiculous!!! Here's a couple of shots I did catch...

Bo flippin' into the 2nd turn..... Luke 270 over the big hip and what was an stretched 3 superwhip a fraction of a second before I hit the shutter...damn it.


Chris Kovarik's Mob4X

Here's a sneak peak at Chris Kovarik's Mob4X with race specific geometry, 83mm bb and super wide chain stays for tire and mud clearance. 4X's will offer a 12.1"bb and the option for a 68 degress headangle, longer axle slots, cable stops and ISCG mounts. Stay tuned for a more in depth bike profile.

Adam Hauck signature grip arriving soon.....

Winter in So.Cal. doesn't suck...

Here's a couple photos of Andreu and Aussie Ed enjoying a So.Cal. winter day

Friends photos....

Here's a few photos that were sent in awhile ago and I'm finally getting around to putting them up. The first one is from a So.Cal. local named Shea... this photo put a smile on my face because it came with a short e mail from an ecstatic kid throwin' down some style...
The next one is Tony O from AZ. giving you a perfect Toby Henderson 1 foot flatie at Woodward West and his partner in crime carving high on a famous Az. stop for any roadtrip through the South West. I'll get his name up as soon as Tony calls me back.

Go ride something cool and send me some photos...


Lisa at Cory's part 4

This clip just kicks ass.

Lisa Part 3

Here's another clip of Lisa Myklak at Cory's and a few more photos from that day... I'm happy to say I finally learned tuck no handers!!! Go learn something...

Lisa at Cory Nastazio's Part 2

This is Awesome!!! Lisa blew my mind with this and it only gets better!