Rays BIKE contest

Adam and Thomas + Brandon Seminuk are the first Ray's BIKE contest. Why + Brandon? Well, Thomas looped out during a 1 foot x-up flip over the RedBull box breaking his fibula in the semi-finals while attempting to the final nail in the coffin against the Canadians.
Adam was forced to finish the Canadians off alone in 2 moves or less, which he did. Thanks to an unfortunate turn in luck for the Thom-A-Hauck's, the match up I was really looking forward of BMX's Aaron Ross & Taj Mahelic VS. Adam Hauck and Thomas Hancock would not happen. Instead Adam was allowed to pick a new partner and Brandon Seminuk fit the bill nicely. The newly re-named ThunderHawks made short work of the BMX Superstars defeating them BIKE to nothing. Taj and Aaron definitely held their own throughout the contest pulling some of the biggest moves too, like Taj pulling a 360 wallride HIGH above the RedBull box and Aaron sticking a huge 180 over the same obstacle. Adam and Thomas + Brandon had a few sick moves too including Brandon's letter giving no hand 1 footer to no foot can over the big box, Thomas' cork 3 half crank back and Adam's straight street 180 hop over a 30" wall.
There was crazy high tech trickery running a muck all over the park being thrown by riders I'd never seen before and huge ballsy tricks like Greg Watt's best trick winning double bar back flip. We had a great time and I'd like to thank Ray for putting on an amazing event for the 3rd year in a row... it's just a bummer that the more of the mountain bike media doesn't take advantage of the VERY FEW events we have in the US by showing up to cover it when people go out of their way to put one on. We need to support events in all levels if we want the sport to grow. Speaking of that...

The Winter Splinter is next weekend at the Industry skatepark in Georgia. Here's the flier... Adam Hauck will be there to shred with everyone. SO... go support a local event if you have the chance.