photos from Rays

Unfortunately the media coverage was pretty slim at Ray's this year... as a matter of fact media coverage at the smaller events has down right sucked for the past year or so... it seems to be if the event isn't CrankWorx or a National it seems most of the magazines aren't going to send anyone to cover it... If that keeps up sponsors will pull out and contests will dry up. But Mountain Biking was there and I got a few left overs from the event so... Here they are...

1. This photo kicks ass... Taj and Aaron Ross Vs. Big & Endo ... T&A won this one.

2. Adam giving somebody a letter whilst Catfish, AC, and a plethora of characters watch in awe.

3. Your Champions minus one Brandon Seminuk... If I had a photo of the 3 of them I would put it up...hint hint.

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