Fontana Winter Series #1

That's right... racing!!! Roots baby roots! Today was the season oopen for the Shimano/ South Ridge Winter Series in beautiful, scenic Fontucky, CA. Sorry, I don't ride DH very much anymore so you'll have to go elsewhere for the DH report... But!!! I love 4X and DS and today Thomas and I got to race 4X !!! This was his first time and he did not disappoint. He was the only rider to jump the triple in the lower rythm, which was no easy task. He won his first moto by a mile, in his first mtb race ever, with no front brake, a park tire in the front with 70PSI, and gears for the first time too... oh yeah... in expert class! He did end the day wishing he had taken my advice and run a front brake when he careened thru the berm in the fastest section of the course with feet off the pedals... over the berm into a large granite rock that sent the newest member of the BlkMrkt family sprawling head and shoulder first into the rock covered ground. He was pretty lucky and his shoulder poped and got bruised but he's gonna be fine in a few days.

My laps went a bit better. I made the pro final with the likes of Eric Carter, Rich Houseman, and Logan by bunny hopping over a down rider to win the first moto and fighting off 2 guys from start to finish... it was gnarly but easily the best tactical lap I've ever run. I wound up 4th in the final but at least I was there representing the Levi's and t shirt kit amoungst the high end TLD color coordinated gear sponsorship dollars can buy. I'm pretty stoked on racing again and hope to fit in a few good laps this season.

I also Talked to Tara tonight and she said with the help of her therapist and some hardware she was able to walk using a type of parallel bars for the first time since her life changing crash a half a year ago. If you check out her myspace (wouldn't that be herspace?) you can see a video of the momentous event.

I'll put up the photos as soon as I get them!!!!

No matter what your level in cycling, make an effort to support your local events as often as possible, these people who run those events are struggling to pull it together. If the local events die off, who's going to risk trying again???