Representing big time in Florida...

We recently sponsored a contest put on by Girth Bikes, Bent's Cycling, and Red Trail Racing in Lakeland, Fla. Here's a photo of the crew from Bent's Cyclery chillin' on Doug Breslin's collection of Blk Mrkt's... yes, they are all his and from what I can tell from the photos he has each one set-up for something different. Gotta love loyalty. Thanks to Doug and the rest of the Bent's Cyclery crew!!!!


Let me introduce you too...

Straight outta Austin, Texas and the saltiest guy I know... Mr. Jeremiah Work. Jeremiah was on the U.S. World Team last year and can be pretty stylish and handy with a video camera. Look for his to be pulling fools on the race circuit on U.S. made steel for real!!!

No more recycled PBR cans for you.

Here are a couple pics of the Salty 1 taken by Rick Crossman


Chris Kovarik's New 4 X ride...

Today I had the pleasure of meeting one of mountain bikings biggest names, Chris Kovarik as I handed him his new candy blue Mob. Chris will be racing this year for the Chain Reaction/ Intense Team out of the Uk, being headed up by English legend and all around good guy, Nigel Page. The team will be using Intense DH frames and BlkMrkt Mob 4X frames with race specific geometry.

Here are a couple of pics of Kovarik's new frame. These photos do not do the color justice at all. I'm hoping to see Chris leading the pro's thru Fontucky's legendary turn 3 on Saturday.

See you at the races......


Black Market Fashion shoot

Here we have a have a couple of the S&M boys shaking down BM sales manager Mondo for some break time loot. Mondo is wearing the new version of the Cash t which is no longer the fitted American Apparel type shirt... Pappy is rockin' the new red banner t and the "New Guy" is ready for anything in his new Magnum hoodie.

Unfortunately the studio shots did not work out so here are some mock-ups on the new goods available nowwww!!!

Go ride... if its not raining or snowing...


Hidden Valley Clean-Up

I would like to thank the few people who showed up to help clean the area around the Hidden valley trails one more time. Thanks to Jason, Butler, Taylor, Pedro, John and my fiancee Amber for showing up and helping pull 4 full truck loads of trash, mattresses and the other unmentionable crap fished out of the numerous bum huts.
We had a lot of awesome encounters with the local residents who use the area to walk their dogs, play airsoft or watch the HV locals boost the hip into a west coast sunset... it doesn't suck.

Good Night...

More Fontucky turn 3 action

Here's the sequence I've been waiting for. This is my heat going into turn 3, round 1 of pro 4X. That's Dave Langford on the floor and me going over him cleanly... but it didn't end there. The very next turn as Jake (the guy leading) and I hit the turn, he went down too leaving the door open for team Levi's/shinny shoes to take the come from behind victory.

I can't wait to race 4X again this weekend... come race!!!


Hidden Valley Volunteer Clean-Up

This Saturday at 10 am there will be a clean-up session followed by a trail session and you're all invited. Bring your rubber gloves, some trashbags, your helmet and bike. We'll see you there!!! You might even meet Kyle Strait... Blame Robbie Miranda for the spelling errors.


Fontucky turn 3 action...

I thought you might like to see what happens in 4X when you come in hot with no front brake... HA!

Thomas learning a valuable lesson...sequence shot by Sharky.

Fontana Winter Series #1

That's right... racing!!! Roots baby roots! Today was the season oopen for the Shimano/ South Ridge Winter Series in beautiful, scenic Fontucky, CA. Sorry, I don't ride DH very much anymore so you'll have to go elsewhere for the DH report... But!!! I love 4X and DS and today Thomas and I got to race 4X !!! This was his first time and he did not disappoint. He was the only rider to jump the triple in the lower rythm, which was no easy task. He won his first moto by a mile, in his first mtb race ever, with no front brake, a park tire in the front with 70PSI, and gears for the first time too... oh yeah... in expert class! He did end the day wishing he had taken my advice and run a front brake when he careened thru the berm in the fastest section of the course with feet off the pedals... over the berm into a large granite rock that sent the newest member of the BlkMrkt family sprawling head and shoulder first into the rock covered ground. He was pretty lucky and his shoulder poped and got bruised but he's gonna be fine in a few days.

My laps went a bit better. I made the pro final with the likes of Eric Carter, Rich Houseman, and Logan by bunny hopping over a down rider to win the first moto and fighting off 2 guys from start to finish... it was gnarly but easily the best tactical lap I've ever run. I wound up 4th in the final but at least I was there representing the Levi's and t shirt kit amoungst the high end TLD color coordinated gear sponsorship dollars can buy. I'm pretty stoked on racing again and hope to fit in a few good laps this season.

I also Talked to Tara tonight and she said with the help of her therapist and some hardware she was able to walk using a type of parallel bars for the first time since her life changing crash a half a year ago. If you check out her myspace (wouldn't that be herspace?) you can see a video of the momentous event.

I'll put up the photos as soon as I get them!!!!

No matter what your level in cycling, make an effort to support your local events as often as possible, these people who run those events are struggling to pull it together. If the local events die off, who's going to risk trying again???

Come One... Come All... Ray's MTB Park Demo Weekend

Come on!!! Dust off your bike, pump up the tires and get out of the snow... Ray's MTB Park in Cleveland, Ohio will be hosting a Demo weekend where you can ride with pros from numerous bike companies and demo anything from the latest XC rig from Giant to the new .three57 complete. Ride with the likes of Toby Henderson.

Girls ride free too!!! All weekend!!! So, guys... go practice your turnbars and one handers for the Ladies!!!!

Ladies!!! Come out and ride with BlkMrkt pro riders, Lisa Myklak and Emily Johnston and special guest from the Great White North... Darcy Trunne.

Dates: Feb. 22-24

And if that's not enough... There will be a private night of riding on mon. Feb. 25 for the S&M/ Fit/ BlkMrkt dealer appreciation with pizza and PBR. What could be better???

Visit for info.

Let's Ride


Some pixels for your retinas.....

Here's a couple of steezy flaties from Carson Bell at the Thorsby Jam up in Lethridge, Canada... B&W by Jason Headley and the color by Shayne Saskoley.